Adolescent girls should visit a gynecologist once a year after the onset of menstruation. The first pelvic exam can bring some psychological discomfort to the girl. Therefore, it is important to talk with your child. Spend educational program, tell us about how the doctor will carry out the survey.

How is a pelvic exam

Examination of adolescents consists of several stages:

- identifying complaints;
- inspection of external genitalia;
- inspection using a mirror;
- palpation of the abdomen;
- smear.

Identifying complaints is a vital step in the inspection. The doctor may ask about General health, as well as on transferred earlier diseases. Also gynecologist should examine breast and hair on the body of a teenage girl.

Girls who are not yet sexually active, does not require inspection with the help of mirrors. The procedure in the gynecological chair may not last more than five minutes, and the doctor's visit is usually laid in twenty minutes.

Often a pelvic exam teenagers still in high school. But this procedure is not mandatory, so you can write a disclaimer, if your daughter is not mentally ready for such.

You should prepare for the fact that the doctor will visually inspect the vulva on the subject of inflammation or discharge. Also, the gynaecologist may take a swab on the study.

It uses a special tool similar to a q-tip. Pediatric gynecologist spends her the vaginal mucosa.

Normally immediately after the examination the doctor asks several questions. For example, "When I first started menstruating?", "What are allocations?". You need to honestly answer these questions.

Preparing for the inspection

You can agree in advance whether to accompany his daughter during a visit to the doctor. This will help to remove the psychological discomfort.
You should have everything you need. It is advisable to bring along a diaper, rubber gloves and disposable plastic mirror.

You can go to a private clinic or youth health centre, but not in usual female consultation. Often teenagers trying to delay for a long time to see a doctor because of the embarrassment, psychological discomfort and other reasons. In this case, it is important to hold a conversation with her daughter.

In that situation, if you signed the disclaimer from the school inspection, you'll need to choose a qualified physician. To do this, call the private clinic, talk with friends.