Preparing for the inspection

Before visiting of the gynecologist shower or bathe, put on fresh linen. You should not douche to the vaginal flora remained in "everyday" condition. The day before the visit to the gynecologist eliminate unprotected sex, because the vagina will remain a small amount of semen, which will affect the results of the analysis. In the case of antibiotics, antifungal drugs to the gynecologist is recommended to go in 1-2 weeks. after cessation of therapy, as these drugs have a significant impact on vaginal microflora and prevent accurate diagnosis.

It is not recommended to pass inspection at the gynecologist during menstruation, except in cases of emergency (severe bleeding, accompanied by pain). The best period is the first few days after menstruation. Before visiting the gynecologist empty the bladder, intestines, possibly, should be empty.

How is the inspection

During the examination, the doctor will ask questions about the date of the last menstrual period, the nature and duration of the menstrual cycle. The doctor will be interested in information about previous gynaecological and infectious diseases, sexuality, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, the nature of childbirth, their complications, the health of the child. The answers to these questions will help the gynecologist to make a diagnosis. In the next step the doctor will do examination on the couch. When this is palpated anterior abdominal wall for possible tumors. Using the stethoscope, it listens for the movement of gases or fluid within the body. This method allows to study the bowel, condition often indicates the presence of a number of disorders and diseases of the female genital organs.

A pelvic exam is held in a horizontal position on a special chair by using disposable and sterile instruments (tweezers, mirrors, devices for taking smears, etc.). Before you climb on that chair, lay on it, the seat cloth, and then climb the steps. To go it is necessary so that the buttocks was located on the edge of the chair. Then raise your legs and place them on trivets to "slingshot" appeared in the popliteal fossa.

Before examination, the doctor wears sterile rubber gloves. During the examination the doctor inspects the vulva. Then, with the help of special tools the investigation of the cervix and vagina. Gynecologist explains the size, position and condition of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Vaginal examination may reveal endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, inflammation of the appendages, ectopic, uterine pregnancy, etc. During the examination the doctor takes a swab for infection, Cytology. If necessary, can be carried out a colposcopy, ultrasound was scheduled.