How to start a consulting gynecologist

At the interview with the patient, the doctor listens to the complaint and asks questions. Your complaint is better formulated in advance, and also to recall when was your last period and how they occur. It is important to tell your doctor accurate information about the onset of sexual activity, number of sexual partners, methods of protection. If a history of pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage or childbirth, be sure to say so. All these information helps the doctor to see the full picture of your health and to put the correct diagnosis.

After the conversation the doctor invites you for a visit. External signs such as body type, amount of hair on the body, especially the skin etc. they can tell a lot about you attentive expert. In the General survey process it can draw conclusions, such as a hormonal or chronic diseases.

The competence of the gynecologist includes a breast exam as part of the female reproductive system. On examination of the breast a diagnosis of mastitis, to establish the possible cause of infertility or suspected cancer. So do not be surprised if the gynecologist asks you to show you Breasts.

Inspection on the gynecological chair

A study on the gynecological chair starts with a visual evaluation of the external genitalia. The woman is in a chair, lying down or reclining, moving the pelvis closer to the front edge, widely spread raised legs, bending at the knee and placing the ankle on special supports. Before inspection, it is desirable to relax to make it easier for you and the doctor.

The gynecologist examines the external genitalia for signs of irritation, warts, and other abnormalities. Endovaginal examination he performs gynecological mirrors, allowing him to see the cervix and the vaginal walls. The doctor inserts a sterile tool (metal or plastic) into the vagina and pushes the wall. This gives him the opportunity to check the proper condition of your internal reproductive organs or to detect the disease.

Inspection mirrors virgins is not carried out. During the study, it is better to relax, because fear can cause tension of the muscles of the perineum and cause pain.

After examination, the doctor takes a sample for laboratory diagnosis – smear on flora. Special spoons he conducts sampling extracted from the cervical canal, urethra, vagina and gets on the glass. In the laboratory this material is examined a laboratory under a microscope. Thus it is possible to detect inflammation (white blood cells), certain types of infections, to determine the condition of the mucous membrane.