Using gauze, gynecologist capture the labia majora in the crease between thumb and forefinger and further apart. The hymen in this position is in a stretched condition and clearly visible. The doctor draws attention to the structural features of the hymen, defining its shape, appearance, thickness, width, and then begins the examination of its free edge.
To explore stubble is better in the hole are introduced in a glass spatula or rod, which cracked down on the edge of the hymen, and it becomes more available for research. The doctor drew attention to irregularities, indentations, thickening, performance, features edges and color. If not defloration, it usually has a diameter of 2-2,5 see Also, the doctor examines the hole hymen. You can also use a loupe or operating microscope because it is not always possible to distinguish the eyes from the former breaks the natural opening in the body of the hymen.
In a natural recess of the mucous membrane has a region of uniform color matching the color of surrounding tissue. On the site of the tear edges usually have a whitish color due to the formation of scar tissue. Although in some cases the scars can be tender and delicate, almost not differing from the surrounding mucosa.
Even if the doctor will determine the presence of a holistic hymen during a pelvic exam, he will try to introduce one or two fingers into the vagina. If there is a ring of reduction, and it is impossible to enter fully the fingers without damaging the hymen, the doctor concludes that the patient is a virgin. In such cases, further examination of the girls is done through the anus using a special tool.