Advice 1: As the gynecologist determines virginity

The main indicator of a girl's innocence when her life has ever had sexual intercourse - the hymen anatomically coherent. Usually at the first coitus the hymen is torn, which may be accompanied by slight bleeding, which soon passes. This process is called defloration. On physical examination the gynecologist immediately determines whether or not there was girls sexual contact or not.
As the gynecologist determines virginity
Using gauze, gynecologist capture the labia majora in the crease between thumb and forefinger and further apart. The hymen in this position is in a stretched condition and clearly visible. The doctor draws attention to the structural features of the hymen, defining its shape, appearance, thickness, width, and then begins the examination of its free edge.
To explore stubble is better in the hole are introduced in a glass spatula or rod, which cracked down on the edge of the hymen, and it becomes more available for research. The doctor drew attention to irregularities, indentations, thickening, performance, features edges and color. If not defloration, it usually has a diameter of 2-2,5 see Also, the doctor examines the hole hymen. You can also use a loupe or operating microscope because it is not always possible to distinguish the eyes from the former breaks the natural opening in the body of the hymen.
In a natural recess of the mucous membrane has a region of uniform color matching the color of surrounding tissue. On the site of the tear edges usually have a whitish color due to the formation of scar tissue. Although in some cases the scars can be tender and delicate, almost not differing from the surrounding mucosa.
Even if the doctor will determine the presence of a holistic hymen during a pelvic exam, he will try to introduce one or two fingers into the vagina. If there is a ring of reduction, and it is impossible to enter fully the fingers without damaging the hymen, the doctor concludes that the patient is a virgin. In such cases, further examination of the girls is done through the anus using a special tool.
Useful advice
To hide the presence or absence of defloration from an experienced gynecologist is almost impossible. You should truthfully answer all the questions the doctor about whether you have sex or not.

Advice 2: What is dangerous late virginity

Attitude to virginity at all times was different. Paganism did not attach any importance, and for Christianity chastity has become a symbol of spiritual purity and high morals. So how can you be a girl who haven't met the one, and time is heading inexorably for 30 years? After all, late virginity is fraught with negative consequences.
What is dangerous late virginity

Virginity in adulthood: a disadvantage or advantage?

General set expression "old maid" puts on a woman a certain cachet. Just seems quiet, calm intellectual-lecturer in cultural studies living in an apartment with three cats and an old, almost senile mother.

Modern society has distorted beyond recognition. Unfortunately, the presence of regular sex was the main goal in life is virtually a motto. Society too is exaggerating the importance of sexual life, and saved my virginity at the age of 30-35 makes people misunderstanding, and various kinds of suspicion.

The causes of late virginity

Late virginity is not necessarily related to asexuality or any of Sexo-psychological problems. Perhaps the woman decided that the first man who marry her. And there is nothing strange and wrong when we want to belong completely to only one person.

Maybe so happened the circumstances of life: at an early age people believed that a young, educated, and then engaged in scientific activity, engrossed in his work, Chagall's career, and one day woke up and realized that never in my life at my age have not experienced full sexual satisfaction.
Usually, such people feel the pressure of society, which develops in them the complexes that are harmful to the psyche.

Negative consequences of late virginity

In adulthood, virginity can produce a number of both social and psychological problems.

Low self-esteem. When everyone around laugh and poke a finger at you like some kind of prehistoric discovery, inevitably begin to think about your sanity and usefulness.
Remember that you are not worse than the others, and something even better. You have your perception of the world, you have a clear idea of how you want to live. Do not succumb to provocations. Live your mind and senses.

Suspicion of others. Most likely, people close to I wish you only happiness, but most of them can't understand you, so treat you a little biased. The first thought that they born : he/she has problems in the sexual parts.
Person is free to decide when to lose their virginity. This should be a conscious decision, because the spiritual side of the relationship plays in this process an important role.

Failure in love relationship. Late virgins hard it is to tell their elected representatives that in their 30-35 years they are innocent, so quite often there are awkward, uncomfortable, sometimes even tactless situation.

On the subject of late virginity is composed of many legends and myths that are simply unthinkable biased. From the point of view of medicine, there are minimal difficulties associated with the process defloration in adulthood, and they are purely individual. The main problem is psychological. Although if the first sex of your life with caring, loving person, all the awkwardness and incidents does not seem to you monstrous and irreparable.

Advice 3: How to check virginity

The girl who never engaged in sex, is constantly in captivity of their own illusions – they often determine her daily behavior. Not in vain many men avoid the virgins - too many in the minds of their cockroaches crawling about.
How to check virginity
The question of how to test the virginity of his girlfriend, worried many boys before first sexual contact. In turn, girls this problem will bother after all sorts of adventures made in a strong drunk, or a variety of prohibited games. Even the fact of occurrence of such a need indicates confidence, so rather the question should be addressed to psychologists than to gynecologists.

Probing fingers

Is it really necessary to know whether the girlfriend's hymen? Untouched the girl may not have a hymen for reasons of medical intervention or because of the characteristics of the structure, while virgin may have considerable sexual experience in the past, as it can have a lot of sexual contact performed with Blowjob or anal sex. It turns out that knowing the fact that a friend of a virgin, nothing to learn really.

Some believe that virginity is easy to feel with your fingers. It is possible, but only if there is some experience. The hymen is not some kind of film appears to be ignorant individuals. This is a narrowing of flesh at the entrance of the vagina. And it may be quite loose, although it is also found in the form of a dense fleshy folds - it looks different. It happens that the hymen is not broken completely, remaining in pristine condition before delivery.

Evaluation of the behaviour

Yet there is among men a belief that learn, chaste if his partner can, after assessing her behaviour at the first sexual contact. However, this is only a boyish delusion. Long lost virginity partner, having serious sexual experience, perfectly knows how to impress a guy in his own chastity. So she'll portray the fear and feel pain, even that can quite accurately simulate the blood stain. While in love, but do wait for the first sexual intercourse the girl was able to behave fairly relaxed, because it desires to give pleasure to her beloved man, with the same happiness itself.

If the problem of virginity worries girl, it is easier to visit a doctor, where she learns the truth accurately after inspection. Guys sometimes ask friends to visit the gynecologist's office, but often is very traumatic for them because it immediately engenders mistrust.
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