Advice 1: Like inspecting a dermatologist

A dermatologist is the specialist who deals with the diagnosis and further treatment of venereal and skin diseases. There are many reasons contributing to the emergence of various diseases of the skin. These can be viruses and infections, diseases of internal organs. In order to understand this, one should consult a dermatologist who will examine and give appropriate recommendations on this issue.
Like inspecting a dermatologist
First and foremost it should be noted symptoms that require the attention of the dermatologist. These include the allocation of unusual specificity from the genitals, itching in the anus, the coating of white color in the mouth and the emergence of different types of skin rashes. Also, it is imperative to visit a specialist, if you have such symptoms as pain and burning during urination, pain of varying intensity in the groin discharge from the vagina or from the urethra, disorders of the menstrual cycle in the beautiful half of humanity, frequent urination, pain in the testicles in men.
The initial examination of a dermatologist includes the determination of physician type and specifics of the disease, as well as the designation of certain tests that help to determine the cause of disease. Accordingly, on the basis of the obtained results, the specialist will prescribe the specific treatment required in this case. As a rule, disturbing the diagnosis of demodicosis it is carried out in several stages. First, a dermatologist examines and takes special scrapings for analysis. Once the results are ready, the doctor makes an individual treatment regimen that includes the use of drugs, diet and special skin care.
Medical therapy of acne is also applied after the appointment of the expert during the first reception of the necessary studies to determine the causes of acne. A very important condition for the successful treatment of acne is the passage of the examination by an endocrinologist. After the tests, the dermatologist would make the scheme of treatment of the skin of the face and head, which will eliminate the causes of this disease.
There is a list of specific tests that are relevant when you visit a dermatologist: a blood test for the presence of allergens, antigens, antibodies; a smear on the flora; Allergy panel; smear – microscopy, PCR; planting of flora on sensitivity to antibiotics and antifungal medicines. There are also the main methods of diagnosis: a study on the subject of vaginal candidiasis, Dermoscopy, PCR and microscopy.
It should be remembered that infection can often be asymptomatic. Therefore, a person sexually active must carry out preventive examinations, which include comprehensive laboratory examination.

Advice 2: What is the physical examination of the female

Prophylactic medical examination of women and women's medical examination is carried out routinely every few years. Annually a full medical examination can take women of a certain year of birth, if you don't get in this year according to date of birth, you need to contact the clinic that you have included in the lists of the examination. Large enterprises and organizations usually invite experts to conduct the examination.
What is the physical examination of the female
The physical examination of women includes the standard types of research, mandatory for all. This blood sugar, biochemical blood test, General blood test, urinalysis and chest x-ray study of the chest. An electrocardiogram is mandatory, as it allows to identify the beginning of a pathology of heart and arrhythmias. After the examination by a cardiologist, surgeon, neurologist, ENT doctor, ophthalmologist and therapist. A list of additional experts is dependent on age. Women in addition to these professionals, a must for all, must pass examination by a gynecologist.

Why you must visit the gynecologist

Some women belong to a medical examination as a forced necessity, and a visit to the gynecologist for them only an additional waste of time. But since Russia had introduced a program of compulsory medical examination of adult population, detection of diseases, including cancer, has increased significantly. Diagnosis in the early stages allows women to maintain their health. In General, routine examination by a gynecologist is recommended once a year and every six months if there are issues of the reproductive system.

Which includes examination by a gynecologist

At first the doctor conducts a survey asking about the regularity of the menstrual cycle, the presence of pain, discharge and complaints. After this inspection on the gynecological chair, usually at antenatal clinics use sterile, disposable diaper backing, but you can take your. Gloves, individual sets for inspection is not required to purchase - in the antenatal clinic enough sterile instruments. During the inspection, on the chair the doctor will examine the cervix, take a swab from the cervical canal and will hold a colposcopy.

If there are any complaints will appoint an additional examination and will issue directions later to learn the results and receive detailed recommendations will be a district gynecologist. There will be the results of ultrasound investigation of pelvic organs and the results of your mammogram.

The advantages of examination

The advantages of the examination are obvious: you get advice all the doctors, tests and all this without queues, as for the examination of the population specially allocated days and doctors only work with these patients. For the period of the examination you are free from work, saving you labor costs - you don't need to take time off, to be substituted, to take unpaid leave to visit doctors. While diagnostic procedures are performed for free with modern equipment that guarantees accurate results.

Medical examination for employment

Often women need to go through professionals to employment. Such medical examination as required for part of the working population. The doctors enter in the sanitary book is its conclusion, assuring his signature and seal. Women should have a doctor dermatologist. The office of preventive examinations is chongno-venereal dispensary and has a mode of operation different from the operation mode other doctors companies.

For some categories of citizens, medical examination is free and done after approval of the list of employees - you need to give your name and the name of the institution. But mostly physicals for employees paid by the organization - staff lists for which you already paid for the service of the medical exam are in the exam room. Sometimes the accounting Department pays for the service after passing inspection, in this case, you need to pay for it and be recorded in accounting vouchers.

Examination of women in the STI clinic includes a blood test for HIV blood test for syphilis and a smear. If the doctor will note medical education, he verbally recommend to consult a local gynecologist. In addition, the doctor examines the stomach and the palm of the subject lesion of mange mites and, if necessary, may be sent to the office clinical laboratory.

Test results are usually known the next day. If they revealed venereal disease, the employee for the period of treatment suspended the issue of the statement of sick leave is handled individually. Treatment in the same clinic, consultations and additional diagnostic is free if the policy of the MLA.

To pass the examination on their own - contact the clinic at the place of residence or to the clinic to which you are attached. Examination women the dermatologist is free in all cases, except employment - a passport is required and insurance.
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