First and foremost it should be noted symptoms that require the attention of the dermatologist. These include the allocation of unusual specificity from the genitals, itching in the anus, the coating of white color in the mouth and the emergence of different types of skin rashes. Also, it is imperative to visit a specialist, if you have such symptoms as pain and burning during urination, pain of varying intensity in the groin discharge from the vagina or from the urethra, disorders of the menstrual cycle in the beautiful half of humanity, frequent urination, pain in the testicles in men.
The initial examination of a dermatologist includes the determination of physician type and specifics of the disease, as well as the designation of certain tests that help to determine the cause of disease. Accordingly, on the basis of the obtained results, the specialist will prescribe the specific treatment required in this case. As a rule, disturbing the diagnosis of demodicosis it is carried out in several stages. First, a dermatologist examines and takes special scrapings for analysis. Once the results are ready, the doctor makes an individual treatment regimen that includes the use of drugs, diet and special skin care.
Medical therapy of acne is also applied after the appointment of the expert during the first reception of the necessary studies to determine the causes of acne. A very important condition for the successful treatment of acne is the passage of the examination by an endocrinologist. After the tests, the dermatologist would make the scheme of treatment of the skin of the face and head, which will eliminate the causes of this disease.
There is a list of specific tests that are relevant when you visit a dermatologist: a blood test for the presence of allergens, antigens, antibodies; a smear on the flora; Allergy panel; smear – microscopy, PCR; planting of flora on sensitivity to antibiotics and antifungal medicines. There are also the main methods of diagnosis: a study on the subject of vaginal candidiasis, Dermoscopy, PCR and microscopy.
It should be remembered that infection can often be asymptomatic. Therefore, a person sexually active must carry out preventive examinations, which include comprehensive laboratory examination.