The main causes of the fear of gynecologists

In the first place patients, particularly young girls fear the need to be naked in front of another man. The situation is compounded if the doctor is male. In this case, it is very important to prepare mentally and remind yourself that the doctor examines many patients daily and the only thing he cares about in the body of all these women is health.
If you undress before a strange man torment, choose only gynecologists-women. You have every right to be.

Another common fear is that during the inspection of the women experience discomfort and even pain, especially if they have serious health problems either for physiological reasons, a thorough inspection is extremely unpleasant. You should not be afraid. Remember, regular inspection helps to identify health problems at early stages when they are treatable with minimal cost money, time and effort. Moreover, you can suffer discomfort in order to avoid more serious problems. Finally, you can try to find a doctor who conducted the examination very carefully in the future to contact him.

How to cope with fear is to visit a gynecologist

The gynecologist's office, women often feel shame, and it is natural. Patients must not only undress, but also to answer very intimate questions, which are not accepted to discuss even with the closest people. If that frightens you, think about what the gynecologist asks embarrassing questions in order to identify health problems and help you. He listens to "revelations" ten times a day, and your story is certainly not the worst.
Tell the truth, even if it is unpleasant to do. Remember that we are talking about your health. It is especially dangerous to hide symptoms of disease only due to fear and shame.

Unfortunately, sometimes patients have to deal with boorish treatment by the doctor. Accommodating people is very scary. To get rid of this fear, choose only the good doctors, which respond well to other women. You can also go to a private clinic, because there very carefully choose the doctors. Remember that if you even hurt, you can always complain to hospital management, and thus have nothing to fear.