You will need
  • - find a good gynecologist;
  • - regularly visit the procedure;
  • - follow your feelings.
If you decide to enlist the help of gynecological massageand try to find a doctor who is well versed in this technique. You can search for reviews online or among friends. It is important to approach the search responsibly.
Discuss with a gynecologist the selected tactics of treatment. Find out are there any contraindications for massageand such as postpartum, cervical erosion, inflammation of genitals, bowel diseases or pregnancy.
Gynecological massage is carried out after at least two hours after a meal. Before a session empty the bowels and bladder.
Ask your gynecologist to teach you to breathe properly. It promotes relaxation of the body, which increases the effectiveness of the procedure.
Massage the doctor usually spends on the gynecological chair or on the couch. It includes a complex variety of effects, from light strokes to an intense massageand internal organs. During the procedure, do not strain, hold still. If you experience pain, immediately inform the doctor about this, ask them to reduce the intensity of movements. If pain does not disappear, should not interrupt the session.
After several sessions of massageand rate, whether there are positive results from the procedure whether it has improved health. You may notice a decrease in painful menstruation. Also your health condition to find out the doctor during your appointment. On the basis of this information it will be possible to make a decision about the continuation of the procedures.
After a session of massageand swipe on abdomen or in knee-elbow position for about ten minutes.