To determine the fracture of the leg as follows: completely lost oporosposobnosti, and if you try to do at least one full step occurs unbearable pain. Let's look at the symptoms in more detail.
Injuring his leg, you will feel pronounced pain.
The injury site begins to swell, appears hematoma.
When you try to move your leg, you feel the limitation of movement function of the joint. And deciding to make at least a step, barely holding back the pain.
All this applies to a closed fractureas open to these items is added to the tear of skin and ligaments. To determine the fracture of the leg this type is much easier, as through the torn tissue is a broken bone.
If you have any, even the slightest suspicion of a fracture, seek immediate medical help at the hospital or trauma, as well as calling an ambulance. Independent action try to avoid, they are possible only in the most extreme cases. Follow everything very carefully, trying not to cause more damage.
Remember one rule: usually can determine a fracture or dislocation is difficult, therefore, always a treat as in fractureE. Treat the affected area with hydrogen peroxide.
If the fracture is open, stop the arterial bleeding with the application of tourniquet above the level of the fracture.
Warn traumatic shock: put something cold on the affected area.
Splint materials. They must be light, but strong enough to support and fix the limb in such a position that the pain was felt as little as possible.
To maintain feet in the correct position, use cushions in extreme cases primenjuje injured leg to a healthy one.