When properly installed a high quality alarm system with dual dynamic code to open the car without triggering impossible. Therefore, the hoodlums resorted to breaking into a car, counting on the inattention of the owner and the indifference of the witnesses. But most models of alarms have errors and assumptions. Knowledge of the installation method and model alarm helps to disable it using the weaknesses of the design. To learn is stickers manufacturers or services, as well as standard modes of operation of the led.
If information is not sufficient and the alarm can not be disable, are used multiple attempts to find a weak spot. Perseverance in this matter is determined by the desired vehicle or not.
Often used a way of persuading the owner that the system got corrupted. The alarm can be visible to the owner of the reasons. The actions of the hijacker is aimed at the conviction of the owner of the need to deactivate the alarm. This is done by throwing the rubber ball in the back or shooting from air gun on the wheels.
Therefore, when alarm is triggered, look closely: it is not located near any strange personality. In any case, do not disable the alarm and soon check for serviceability. Put the car on a guarded Parking lot. Remember that the hijackers constantly watching you, and demonstrate your strong desire to protect the machine may cause the hijacker to abandon his plans.
Do not rely excessively on the possibility of signaling. It only helps protect the car against theft regardless of its value. Always pay attention to all of her positives.
Consider methods of protection weaknesses of an alarm. To disable hijackers are often cut off power to the system, knowing that it comes from the battery and goes in the car. Get to the car bottom, they cut the wire coming into the cabin from the generator, and disconnect the alarm. A car alarm not provided with Autonomous power supply ceases to function.
In addition, the hijackers often incapacitate the common circuit fuse system, arranging the short circuit in the indicator during the alarm. Jammed the siren, damaging it, or spraying a fast-curing foam, if it is poorly hidden. Discharged a Taser into the body of the machine or on the wire indicator than incapacitate or removed from the security alarm.
On many car models features installation of alarm system assume the availability of wiring system from outside the vehicle. The thieves just cut the right wire to disable the system. Code the FOB to control the alarm, select (scan) the computer if the alarm is not equipped with anticamera.
Also intercept code code-grabber, record and subsequently reproduce it to remove the protection mode, if the alarm does not have dynamic code. Dynamic code decrypt and knowing the algorithm of its construction, to predict the next code. Against this helps the double dynamic code.