You will need
  • instruction;
  • - the car alarm.
The device consists of a main unit, antenna (transceiver), shock sensor, keyfob, service button and led indicator. Very popular among motorists use alarm "Tomahawk" (Tomahawk), which combine a lot of technical and functional features along with low price.
For each model of Tomahawk included detailed instructions on how to use this electronic device, which describes in detail how to turn off the alarm. If the manual is lost or simply not around to shut off the alarm, press the transmitter to her second button (there are 2 buttons and led) once. In this case the siren will emit 2 beeps followed by a flashing marker lightsthat also flash twice. After that, the door opens and the led will turn off.
Quiet disable protection press the transmitter button # 1 once and immediately button # 2. After that, the Parking lights will flash twice, the doors will open and the led will turn off.
If the key FOB battery ran out or you lost it, there is emergency shutdown alarm. To do this, sit in the car and close the door. Turn off/turn on the ignition a number of times equal to your PIN code, and the interval between the on/off must be less than 1 second.
Wait 30 seconds, will automatically disable the security system. This method of emergency shutdown alarm is suitable for old models Tomahawk.
For more new modifications of the electronic devices emergency shutdown consists of the following steps: shut off the engine.
Ignition on 4 times click Override. Then turn the ignition off.
The Parking lights will flash twice, the siren will emit 2 long beeps confirming the disabling of protection.