You will need
  • - remote control alarm system;
  • - the user's manual.
Reset (reset) for each alarm is an individual process. Open the user manual, there certainly is a section with detailed instructions. If this section has not appeared or the user for any reason, you do not have, no need to worry. There are several standard actions that are suitable for most models of alarms.The first thing you need to drown out the engine. Then press the Valet service button nine times in a row. Car alarm siren will emit one short sound, the Parking lights will flash two times. The Valet button is located on the device receiving signals, which often come under the steering column of the vehicle.
Now you need to turn on the ignition, after which the siren will emit a short nine signals, Parking lights will flash once. This means that you transfer the alarm reset mode to factory settings.
Then you should click the service Valet button once and the siren will emit a single beep.
On the remote control press the button with the speaker image. Will follow one long beep sound control panel. This means that the reset to factory settings was successful.
To display the system reset mode, switch off the ignition or wait until the system will automatically exit this mode. In confirmation of this will be followed by a few flashes of tail lights, and console feedback control will emit a melodious tone.