The easiest and effective way to unlock the alarm – elimination method. Start with the keychain. If it is equipped with a LCD display, the charge level of the battery will be clearly visible, especially because it will remind you of the special acoustic signal. Just replace the battery.
If after changing the batteries, nothing has changed, we need to try to disable the alarm remote control duplicating. A successful attempt would indicate a problem with the main remote control, which needs to be re-programmed.
If the second FOB was useless, will have to open the machine key. Once opened the alarm goes off, press the button "Valet" open the appropriate manual and follow the operations listed in paragraph "Emergency removal of the alarm without the remote". If performed correctly, the alarm will turn off.
That the battery is low and reminds scoreboard, the inability to start the car and the alarm is triggered. In this case, it is necessary either to remove the terminal from the battery, or disable the system key. This kind of fault most often occurs when severe frosts.
Experienced specialists strongly recommend not to permanently put under protection in extreme cold the car with the old and weak batteries, since their replacement entails the breakdown of settings and the need for further reprogramming.
If all attempts were in vain, you will have to open the unit and disconnect it from connectors of all the cables and try to start the engine. A failed attempt may mean locking the ignition, fuel pump or starter. To disable it, you'll need to find the wires connecting the alarm to the wiring of the car, and make their disconnection.