When you install a car alarm on the car on the starter set lock relay starter. It automatically disconnects the circuit after starting the engine. This prevents the starter on an already running engine and leads to increased lifespan.Scheme of work starter consists of a capacitor (9 PCs), semiconductors (16 PCs), resistors (13 PCs). It connects to the vehicle housing (1 output), with the output of the ignition coil (2 pin), with a coil of additional relay to the starter (3) phase generator or tachometer (4 output) " + " of the battery (terminal 6). Relay measures the frequency of sensor pulses and disables the starter when a certain value of this frequency.
Blocking relay starter (passive blocking of the engine) is activated within the programmed time after turning off the ignition. Usually, the alarm, and with it the blocking relay starter, is automatically turned off remotely. To do this, each set of car alarm devices attached to the switch in the remote form with the necessary for programming the buttons.
However, the loss of the keychain transmitter can be manually operated to lock the starter of the car. You need to know where a push-button switch car alarm that is certainly installed inside each car.
Insert the key into the ignition, turn it to "ignition". Immediately press button switch car alarm. Blocking relay will turn off along with the entire system, the engine will start.
If engine does not start, repeat the procedure. Time clicking each alarm individually. Read the user manual carefully.
If you don't know where the off button (though you have to warn the wizard that installed the alarm), locate supply chain retractor relay starter. It is usually set alarm relay, blocking the starter. Disconnect the relay and connect the circuit directly.