First check the keychain, replace the remote power source. If the machine never responds, try to unlock her second keychain from the kit signaling.
In that case, if the vehicle does not respond to any key ring with your key. Opening the door, the Valet button will disable the siren sound (to act strictly in accordance with the "Emergency removal of the alarm without remote" instruction to the alarm). If your actions are correct, the siren will cease and the alarm will respond to the remote.
You turn on the ignition, and the car won't start? While lamp on the instrument panel will light up slightly, and the alarm constantly gives "voice"? These are signs that your car battery is dead. If you have an alarm horn, to call upon her "order" is easy: just use the key. Otherwise, turn it off, disconnect the terminal from the battery. Then remove and recharge it (jumper cables wires from neighboring cars if it happened nearby). After this procedure, don't forget to reprogram the remote because because of the removal of the battery the alarm goes astray.
Often this defect alarm occurs in extreme cold, especially if the battery is old enough or weak. At low temperatures it is not necessary to put the car on guard for a long time.
If all the above doesn't help, look under the panel (dashboard) alarm unit and unplug all cables from its connectors. Now try to start the car. If not, then it could mean that locked the ignition, starter or fuel pump and need to disconnect. To do this, locate the wires coming from the main alarm unit to the standard wiring harness of the car. If the wire is connected with wires from the alarm to unlock them need to be separated, and the ends of regular wires to connect together.