You will need
  • tester or continuity test;
  • - screwdriver universal;
  • - pliers;
  • - duct tape.
If you just have to turn off the alarm by turning it into work the Central locking, use the valet button. The position of the buttons you have to show in the center of the installation when the installation of the security system. Emergency off button for the alarm looks like a small toggle switch or color button. It can be located under the torpedo with the driver's side, under the seat side rack, under the hand brake. The place it should be hidden from prying eyes and at the same time available to the host.
In order to completely disable the alarm or disassemble it, find it unit. Usually it's hidden under the torpedo, but in what place, can not be determined visually. To completely remove the dashboard, start the search block with wires going to it. The most notable is the wire from the led, which is located near the windshield. The wire from the led goes directly to the alarm unit.
Look at the ignition coil wire that was percudani and they are connected with others. Most likely, extended the wires go to the unit. If you finding unit, just pull out all the wires, it may happen that the car won't start, if it was made of locks (ignition, starter, etc.). If you had made a normal-open lock, the alarm will perform its security functions and without block. This reduces the risk of rapid deportation. In this case, you need to find open circuit (at the ignition coil, for example) and restore them.
Disabling the immobilizer can be complicated by the fact that some systems do not have a separate unit, as programmed in the factory system of the machine. Sometimes the Immobiliser does not allow to connect an additional alarm. In this case, use a lineman immobilizer. Additionally installed immobilizer can be in different places. For example, the Black Bug antenna and the block can be sewn in the driver's seat.