You will need
  • - Remote control security system;
  • - The user manual for your car alarm.
For each alarm off Valet mode is the individual operation. Take the user manual, to familiarize yourself with it, there certainly has the appropriate section explaining how to disable this feature.If this section is missing or the user has been lost, it does not matter. Although the shutdown process is individual, nonetheless, most security systems have a similar procedure in which this feature can be disabled.
First, sit in car, turn on the ignition and after 5 seconds turn it off. Try to make it in time, as in the case of failure, the operation must be repeated.
Then press and hold the Valet switch within 10 seconds. This switch is on the signal receiver, which is usually fitted below the steering column of the vehicle.
The siren of the security system will served from two to five short signals, after which the LED indicator (light emitting diode) goes out, Parking lights will flash several times. All service mode Valet is off, now the alarm system will work normally.
Before you attempt to disable this mode, make sure that you have buttons and switches on your control panel. If these buttons cannot be found, most likely, they are just labeled differently. Contact service center for advice.
Also, there is an alternative option for disabling this function. This happens remotely when using the remote control security system.For this you need to sit in the car, turn the ignition on and after 5 seconds turn it off. For 10-15 seconds to hold down the button with the picture of the open padlock and dynamics. The siren will emit two to five short signals, the vehicle light will flash a few times, the LEDs alarm will go out.