To ease the blow

The causes of false positives need to understand step by step. This files most often triggered too sensitively tuned shock sensor. Ideally it should be activated only from a blow to the back of the car. The sensor should not react to the shock wave from the strong sound of fireworks, shot) and noise from cars passing by. Two-band shock sensor in such cases only a warning is signaled multiple times.

To reduce the sensitivity of the shock sensor, locate it in the car – most often it is located between the front seats under the hand brake. On the sensor there is a special rotary encoder. If you scroll counter clockwise sets the sensitivity will be less. But if that does not help, it is better to temporarily disable it (this feature is available in all alarms) to understand, what is the cause of false alarms.

A little trouble

The second cause of frequent false alarms is inadequate work terminal that provides the circuit during door opening. In this case, the display LCD keychain you will receive a symbol of opening doors, hood or trunk. This occurs due to the oxidation of the terminal under the influence of moisture or too great wear. You can handle the brake light sensor anti-corrosive liquid (WD-40, for example). But it is better to make it a complete replacement. Is that limit just moved the wire. In this case it is better to consolidate.

In wet weather, a period of very heavy rain you may encounter a problem that siren starts spontaneously "whine" or "quack". So under the hood gets wet, which disturbed the regular operation of the siren. Just try to turn off the siren. If it's standalone, disable it with a special key. If dependent, disconnect the two wires leading from it. Give it time it to dry. In the case of severe damage, the siren should replace a new one, it quickly and inexpensively.

Trust the professional

Another reason for malfunction of the security system can be a problem with open circuits. When you set the alarm lock is made at the starter, ignition or fuel pump. It uses a special relay. It may happen that you start the car you can not, and this will be the permanent triggering of the system.

But before looking for problems in the alarm, eliminate possible failures in the electronic system of the car. Measure the voltage, check the battery charge. To search for open circuit, contact the service center where you put the alarm. Better to the same master. But in General, it is desirable that after installation the installer has shown you where the blocking relay, emergency off button alarm Valet and the shock sensor.