You will need
  • - duct tape;
  • computer;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - programmer loader PACK.
To unlock the immobilizer should be exclusively the owner of the machine, which can realize the operation by means of contact of the encoded key signal from the key FOB or card tags. When you start working, remember that, as a rule, the immobilizer comprises an electromagnetic relay and a control unit, sensing unit, control key.
Typically, the control unit Immobiliser full-time in Reno is at the level of the radio behind the centre console. Remove the control unit connector. You can easily find hand. Remember, the connector is characterized by having twenty contacts. Cut from the connector 18-th and 9-th wire and connect them together, not forgetting to be insulated.
Electronic control unit (ECU) replace engine. But as the cost of the ECU is high enough, it can simply be reprogrammed. To do this, use a computer, a soldering iron and a programmer PAK-loader, prepared in advance.
Carry out the dismantling and disassembly of the electronic engine control unit. Now, you can get to reprogramming the control unit. To the controller connect the loader PACK, then you need to consider it FLASH and EEPROM firmware.
Make sure that you have saved the firmware on your computer. Fill a clean firmware EEPROM in the control unit. Disconnect the controller and PAK-loader. Don't forget to place the controller and the connector of the immobilizer. Start the engine.