Start with the key FOB. Many manufacturers indicate on the panel the name of the alarm. Even the charms in one lineup similar to the form or have their own signature design. The firm Starline case consoles blue. But each alarm has its production model. It so happens that the remotes are similar in appearance, but completely incompatible. Identifying the manufacturer of the alarm, find the site where you can get acquainted with the models of alarms.
If a unit without an LCD display, it does not mean that the system is without feedback. This can and spare remote control and GSM alarm system. On these key rings is 4 buttons. If the remote does not have buttons, it's the mark of the immobilizer.
If the FOB is lost or you cannot determine the name, look for the alarm unit. It is installed under the dash of the car near the pedal or glove box. To find the exact location of the unit, see where goes the wire from the led. Sometimes you have to disassemble part of the torpedo and the side of the rack. But the more hidden unit, the less chance that it will discover and disable hijackers. On the unit should indicate the name of the alarm system, its model and serial number.
Sometimes the led can assist in determining patterns of alarm. For example, alarm systems Black Bug led rectangular shape, inside of which run the lights.
If the car is new and was purchased from a dealer, contact the service center of the cabin. All the shops typically operate with a limited number of security systems. Master additional equipment will tell you what alarm is installed on the machine, finding your technical card. You can also obtain a copy of the instruction manual, to order additional keychain and "register" it.