You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - gsm-alarm.
GSM alarm system gives the ability to manage security and additional features TV system via mobile phone. Where ever you are, you can call on the alarm unit and give a command like start the car or listen to, if there was any positives from a blow or autopsy. This system is useful primarily to the fact that the range of signaling is limited only by the coverage area of mobile communication. At a time like a normal alarm system with two way communication have a range of up to 500 meters via a GSM alarm, you can open a car door if you forgot the keys in the cabin. Commands for opening/closing doors are served by phone call, text, or special manipulations (depending on model systems).
If the vehicle has GSM module Elita GSW, to open/close doors call on the number system. For 7 seconds after the first tone hang up the phone. The system detects your signal and will remove the car from protection – will open the Central locking, if programmed single-stage disarming. If the calling machine is not standing in the security, the system will perform the reverse action – put the car on the alarm. If you are not able to hang up after 7 seconds, will be connected with the system.
If the vehicle has GSM module Starline M20/M30, call the phone system or send a message with the team. By calling the phone module in tone mode dial the secret code of the command that you set when programming the alarm. Each team has its own code. You can send sms, which also will contain the command code for opening the doors or removing the system from arming.