Ideas for decorating denim shorts

Today clothes with hand-made items are very popular and in demand. Such things as originality, extravagance and exclusivity. That is why stylish girls decide to decorate the denim shorts using a simple, but impressive ideas.

For example, transform a boring denim shorts, you can use the nylon thread and beads of different diameter. Concise and effective design work, if you place the decor symmetrically across the surface of the jeans. More original finish will look if beads to sew close to each other, gradually increasing their diameter. This decoration is better to place them on the sides or on the front of the shorts.

Another option is simply and quickly decorate Jean shorts – use pieces of lace or guipure. If you want to create finish "in haste", the material can be sew directly on top of the legs. Beautiful decor happens if lace to place at the bottom of the shorts. Translucent material is stylish and rather sexy look on the sides. In this case, you should cut the excess denim material (e.g., pieces of triangular shape) and sew lace.

Today is a very popular finish unusual materials. For example, to decorate the denim shorts with your hands, you can use flat buttons. Finish better accommodate a particular shape (lines, squares, circles) or to decorate any area of the product (e.g., the bottom corners of the legs, pockets, etc.). Buttons it is better to choose one size, but different colors.

The unusual finishing of denim shorts

Embroidery, beads, lace are pretty standard ways to decorate Jean shorts. Another thing – to use modern ideas and materials to transform the outdated thing in stylish new clothes. For example, decorate shorts from jeans using indelible markers/paints for fabric and stencils.

To create an original design you will need: thick cardboard, indelible ink/marker pens, scissors, pencil. The idea to create a stencil you can take from the Internet or fashion magazine. It should be noted that in this case even the most simple shapes (stars, squares, triangles, ovals, etc.) will look very stylish. For example, using asterisks is easy to reproduce today's popular pattern of the American flag. If you can draw, stencil use and not necessarily. Just apply the image with a soft pencil, and then draw/paint the prepared materials. Particularly impressive on the shorts will look great made in this way ethno-patterns and drawings in Doodle style.

Another option unusually to decorate the denim shorts is to use a metal zipper. The length they can completely cover the product (can be placed in a circle of the leg), so be short. Decor metal zipper looks very original, stylish and modern.