Advice 1: How to sew a denim jumpsuit on the boy

Denim style truly versatile. Jeans happy are children and youth, and the elderly. Quite often in the house accumulates a certain number of old pants and jackets which wear already indecently, and throw a pity. From mom's or dad's old jeans can be made, for example, overalls for her son or a sundress for my daughter.
Coverall can be made from daddy's pants
Of course, you can sew a denim Romper for boy and new fabric, good to buy it in a specialty store is not the problem. But the fabric in the store sometimes are more expensive than ready to wear. Alter old adult jeans, you will get a stylish outfit for your little one is actually free. Besides you can use some details which are quite difficult to handle is the pockets, belt, etc.

To sew denim overalls for a boy, you will need:
- old, but the whole jeans;
pattern children's pants:
- long metal ruler;
- a tailor's square;
- a piece of cardboard;
- iron
- sewing accessories;
- accessories.

Washed jeans neatly strut. Fabric iron. Carefully Ironing is not required, but the fabric surface should be smooth. Belt and patch pockets not ratatoiulle.

Make pattern. If there is no suitable log, disposal of old but suitable for size pants, preferably without his pants (e.g., pajama). Pattern the top part of the jumpsuit is a rectangle. Vertical side equal to the distance from the waist to the chest or just above horizontal – at your discretion. Square better to first cut out of thin cardboard, and then transferred to the fabric, adding on each side a recess at 3 cm.

The Trouser cut it out from the lower part of the adult pants. If the jeans at the bottom is not frayed, the ACC can be left. Take the breast from the upper part of the front. It may also consist of two parts, because from the top you will sew the pocket. The belt cut a piece equal to the waist, plus 3-4 cm at the clasp. To cut better on the side where the hinge.

It is better to apply the same seam, which usually sew jeans. It is very similar to linen. Align the sections of the side seam so that the seam allowance back performed at 0.5 cm Sweeping away the seam and sostrochite on the reverse side. Zautyuzhte allowance on the front side in the direction of the front, bend the protruding part, baste and pristrochite. Thread is better to take cotton, the same color as the line that you decided to keep. Baste and sew the second side seam, then in a similar way – step. On one of the side seams, leave an unterminated plot of 5-6 cm, which will be adjacent to the belt. If there is a short zipper, you can sew it there. In the absence of zipper sew 1-2 small buttons to the back half and the front part treat the Welt loop.

You got the two halves of the pants. To sew them together, you need one to turn inside out, and the second to write on the front side. Mate the first insert to the allowance of the same part performed at 0.5 cm Sweeps halves and sostrochite first on the reverse side, and then, as in the connection of the side seams, zautyuzhte allowances on one side, fold and pristrochite. Sew waistband, pre-treating the cut edge.

The breast can be made in two ways – sew the bottom part to the belt or to make detachable. In any case zautyuzhte allowances to wrong side, fold them inward and astrocyte. Sew a patch pocket in the middle and at the top corners of the buttons. If the breast is folding, make the bottom 2 Welt loop, a belt sew buttons. And you can sew it to the belt just above the line of bending. Better, of course, pristroit according to the ACC, but not every car will take the fabric that thick.

Take 2 straps. Fold them in half lengthwise, right side out. Allowances inside the fold and zautyuzhte. Will astrocyte seams. Make finishing line and parallel to the fold line. Sew the back straps to the belt. At the free end make a Welt loop.

Advice 2: How to sew a dress out of jeans

It often happens that the purchased jeans do not fit on the figure or simply no longer like. Denim is so versatile and always in style that can be made from junk jeans any thing that will look stylish in any setting.Sew a sundress from jeans that can be worn with blouses or t-shirts.
How to sew a dress out of jeans
You will need
  • - jeans;
  • - gingham fabric trim;
  • beads, sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - zipper or buttons.
Take old jeans and cut off the top so to cut the entire zipper and the upper seam connecting the legs. The front part of the legs cut through the middle so you have got two big canvases.
Connect the fabric along the long sides and sew together. This will ensure that the decorative seams of the jeans were found. To sundress fit better, make the seam is not straight and slim.
Attach future the sundress to the figure, mark the top line and carefully cut out. Remember that sundress does not have to close the chest, it can be designed like an apron. Fold all the loose edges and sew. To sundress romantic look, sew edging of printed cotton bright, beautiful brooch, made from remnants of fabric and chintz.
If you have a slim figure, make a tuck at the sides on the waist line. Factory seams also make fitted.
Sew the zipper in the back or neatly finish the edges and sew buttons. Treat the bottom of the dress. Add ruffles pleated from the same chintz, they will transform the sundress and will lend a romantic feel to the image.
Cut one or two residues from the pocket of jeans decorated with pockets facing of cotton, add the original flower, embroider curved stem and leaves on the sewing machine (with contrasting thread). Sew the pockets to the dress. If you want, "transplant" even Welt front pockets along with the surrounding tissue.
Make calico flowers adorn their dress. Sew a contrasting thread and decorative stitch – the stems and leaves.
From the same cotton to make the straps. Cut a wide strip of material, sew a long tube and turn on the front side. For decoration thread a few beads on each side. The back straps connect to a metal ring with vertical denim strap that you can thread the elastic.
Fight back with jeans and sew on the dress belt loops at waist level or below.
You got a great dress from jeans that you can dress like a walk and to work.

Advice 3: How to sew a denim Bolero

Bolero has emerged as part of the national costume of the Spaniards in the 18th century. It is noteworthy that wore it only men. In our days, the Bolero became the subject of mainly woman's wardrobe. They are knit, sewn from a soft knitted fabric, thin leather, fur and even denim.
How to sew a denim Bolero
You will need
  • - denim — 1.3 m;
  • denim jacket;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - pencil;
  • - the tape;
  • - blocks;
  • - the adaptation for installation of the blocks.
For the construction of the pattern Bolero, you can use ready template or use an old denim jacket that fits you well. Strut all the seams. Flatten them and use the parts as patterns. You should get 1 item for the back, 2 shelves, sleeves, cuffs, bottom, closure and collar. Adjust the length of the product and giving details of the new denim.
Sewing technology is no different from the manufacture of other products of the shoulder. Must sew shoulder and side seams. Then vacate the collar, sew the strap to the clasp and hem of the Bolero. Continue to perform the side seams of the sleeves and wtaching them into the openings. Since denim is a dense fabric, lay 2 lines when grinding parts or use a lapped seam.
To work with tight denim is quite difficult. To cope with the task only for the experienced dressmaker. Novice knitters will be much easier to use for sewing the finished denim Bolero jacket. You can use both new and old.
Measure the desired length of the Bolero. Its normal value just below the breast, but fashion designers in their collections have a very short denim Bolero, which represent virtually the sleeves and the collar.
A denim jacket lay on the table and cut the bottom bar. Strut top lines, remove all the skin.
Measure from the shoulder to the desired length Bolero. A simple swipe with a pencil line hem. Cut, leaving 1 cm for seam allowance.
Apply to cut the strap and insert between its parts. Pin detail of tailor's pins, positioning them across the seam primaqiune.
Prepare sewing machine. Since denim is a very thick fabric, use a needle No. 100 or No. 110 reinforced and durable thread. For primaqiune details necessary to lay a double line to do this, take a special needle or make 2 parallel lines.
Take the tack and start participati bar. Try to keep the seam was located exactly along the line of the unstitched line, as the product will look neater.
The lower bracket denim Bolero attach the eyelets. Mark in pencil the place of their location at an equal distance from each other. Using special fixture to install, attach the eyelets. Insert through the holes in the blocks silk scarf and tie it with a bow. This element can change depending on mood, receiving completely different images.
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