Sew the skirt independently

Sewing the skirt yourself, you will be fully confident in her uniqueness. You can make her scythe, torn or come up with your style. It is easy to do if you have a simple denim fabric. Of course, this stuff is hard to find, but a denim skirt you can make from old jeans material, for example, shorts or pants. They just need to cut in the right places to fit the pattern and sew together.

Denim skirt with lace

As you know, lace is a romantic element of decoration of clothes. Obviously the use of lace as a decorative items in denim skirts that provides a very wide scope to implement their ideas. Skillfully using the color of the lace and the accessories can be created as a gentle, innocent images, and more bold, brash and causing models. Although you can try to form and custom, but still business image.

Old skirt a new life

The biggest problem associated with old UK, is that they end imagepost bored. Even the most favorite skirts after some time I want to change it or at least update. If you throw a pity strange skirts, use the following tips for their trouble.

As you know, the skirt is the only garment, holes which will not look indecent. On the contrary, many owners of the skirts I love to tear the skirt. Surprisingly, holey skirt looks always very stylish.

Decorate dinavu skirt with rhinestones

The first option is the application. Today, there are a huge number of pictures of different structures and colors. Depending on the color jeans, you can choose leather or fur of an application, drawings or just an abstraction. If none of the applications in the store does not suit you, you can safely draw your own or just copy it from a favorite magazine, newspaper. In order for the application was sitting firmly on the fabric, need to stitch it with thread in the color of jeans), or safely stick, walking up the iron on the surfaces on both sides.

The second option is the perfect decoration denim skirt pattern, embroidered thread. It is, of course, is much more complicated first, and is suitable only for those girls and women who love and know how to embroider, because it is necessary not only to translate the pattern on the jeans, but then gently and embroider it any thread. But for the true professional it will be easy – just half an hour of work and skirt Shine with new colors.

And the latest version of the design of denim skirts is, of course, beads and rhinestones. A lot of things today, denim is decorated that way, because the idea is fresh and very original. The skirt is beaded also need to plan in advance the picture that will later be sewn. As for toppers, there are as the whole of an application and a separate "drops". It all depends on your preference and taste.


Butterflies — stylish item prices. One pair of old jeans you can make a dozen different butterflies that you can sew yourself a skirt. It will look feminine and romantic, but modestly and sderzhanno.