Why wear denim shorts in the summer?

To impress others the desire for stylish living and the perfect taste, enough to decorate your shorts with your own hands. It is not enough to buy a decoration, you need to know how to match it with a particular type of fabric.

Summer is a season of vacations, sun, holidays. In these days you want to impress others with not only a good figure, and fashionable clothes. No matter where the vacation is in the home country or abroad, you need to be able to dress tastefully. The clothing should be comfortable, convenient and meet the fashion trends.

Some things used in summer season, have become boring to their owners. Therefore, girls try to wear clothes that are used less frequently in hot weather. These things are taken and denim shorts. Since many of these products do not differ in brightness and figures, they can be something to decorate.

Ways of decorating

Denim shorts can be decorated with rhinestones. This item of jewelry looks good and is publicly available. Rhinestones can be selected in-store fabrics and accessories. Here you can only rely on your taste. Gluing rhinestones on denim shorts can be in any order. You need to remember only one rule. To shower things with rhinestones is not worth it. For your summer clothes is fine glimmering stripes or a small pattern on the pocket.

As decorations, you can use a zipper and rivets. These items are very popular among young people. Drawing on the shorts zippers or rivets will take time. Just keep in mind that the choice could fall only on one type of jewelry. To put on denim shorts and zipper, and rivets is unacceptable.

You can decorate the thing with appliques or bead embroidery. Beading is not suitable if the fabric from which the sewn shorts is hard. Fishing line can quickly tear or peretiraetsya. The application can make yourself or buy in the store.

Denim shorts can be decorated with lace. It may have a different shade and color. The bottom seam on the shorts need to strut, then carefully ironed it. Sew the lace from the wrong side with a concealed seam. There are other options for decorating this material. Not to rip the seams, you can sew the lace to the back or front pockets. This element can be sewed on the waistband of the shorts.

Leather lining and the same kind of fringe can be useful to create a denim shorts, cowboy style. Leather patches can be sewn on top of the shorts just below the pockets. Fringe is strengthened along their edges.

You can decorate an old denim shorts, portraying to them the flag of the country. But this method is for the more adventurous members of the fairer sex.

Animal print will also make denim shorts stylish. It is necessary to take a piece of cardboard of a similar color with leopard spots, and cut from them the necessary details. Next, you should place them on jeans. As an option you can consider painting white cardboard with a marker or waterproof paint.

Very often, the shorts are adorned with spikes. In this case, the more suitable a dark denim material. Spikes you can decorate the edge of the pockets.

Decorating denim shorts, can mix several styles in one.