The icon is the first assistant of the person in prayer. Focusing on the Saint's face concentrates the mind, helps to focus the mind in detachment from vanity and pettiness, to be consoled in their afflictions. It is believed that the house of every Christian must necessarily be three main icons: Holy Trinity, the Theotokos, the icon of the Savior. "Holy Trinity" icon confessional. Before her I pray for the forgiveness of sin and pardon, of the decision of those questions which are crucial for praying, for help in absolutely desperate situations. The icon of the Mother of God has several varieties: Iberian protects women, sends a consolation in misfortune, heal sickness of body and soul; the Kazan mother of God blesses all the important events in human life: birth, baptism, marriage, etc., helps with blindness and other eye diseases; Tikhvin acts as an advocate for children, helped women in childbirth. "Holy face" icon for going to the path of truth and repentance.
The icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker at all times, revered by travelers: sailors, fishermen, balloonists prayed to this icon of the successful outcome of a journey, on the protection and patronage abroad. In addition, Nicholas the Wonderworker pray the innocent condemned unjustly offended. Also Nicholas takes under his protection all the disadvantaged, the poor, the elderly, women, children.
Healing, finding health, both physical and mental, contribute prayers to the following icons: mother of God of the seven arrows – she can heal severe illnesses, helps to get rid of dependence on drugs and alcohol. The icon of the Mother of God the Healer helps to cure any ailments, even the most severe eases the agony of death and suffering in childbirth. To the Mother of God of Kazan, St. Alexis and the Apostle Luke the people are turning with the deterioration of vision in severe eye diseases.
Of a successful marriage, understanding the marriage of the spiritual and bodily unity is traditionally treated with prayers to the icons of Peter and Fevronia, the image of St. Xenia of Petersburg, the icon of Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow. The icon "the Unfading blossom" pray for women's life welfare, the preservation of purity and chastity, the happiness in family life and resolution of problems in a marriage.
Before the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Indestructible Wall in the first place please protect the house from enemies, but she also is known for using during epidemics, natural disasters, enemy attacks, severe physical and mental illnesses.