In the courtyard of the long-awaited summer, but the joy for this reason only students of Junior and middle classes. The fact is that with the arrival of the hottest time of year in the senior classes and students and it is time for exams. So – the sea of feelings, hysteria, agony and bitter tears.

Of course, what to say, and to pass the exam in Russian language and mathematics with absolutely no training – it is almost unreal. However, even the best students during the exam may be too nervous so that not only will forget the truths, but will confuse the basic concepts and rules.

A student habit of not sleeping the night before the surrender, and to teach until the last – leads to the fact that the speed of thought processes slows down, the student falls into a stupor and responds even worse than in the classroom.

Well, forget about the lack of sleep and nerves. For example, training was more or less calm and there is not expected. What to do in this case? That's right – pray! So, what Saint to pray before exams, whether the exam in Russian and mathematics, or simply session.

How the saints pray before exams

In the Orthodox Church there are a few patron saints who have ask for prayer support in the face of difficult trials.

  1. The icon of the Mother of God "Addition of mind". To her appeal to pass any exams and perform various actions with wisdom.
  2. St. Sergius Of Radonezh. To the monks his name was Bartholomew, and he was not given to study. How many tears and disappointments experienced boy – everyone was able to read and write, and he could not understand how letters are formed. And one day he met a monk, who asked for his prayers to the Lord about the success in teachings. A sincere request was heard by God, and since then the boy Bartholomew learned science easily.
  3. Saints Cyril and Methodius, the Slovenian teachers. Thanks to these saints appeared orderly Slavic alphabet and many books were translated from Greek for the Slavs. The Holy brothers Cyril and Methodius good to pray before taking the exam on the Russian language and other Humanities subjects.
  4. Blessed Matrona Of Moscow. This Saint, who lived in the last century, famous for quick using in different needs. Including her and praying about exams.
  5. Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, one of the most popular saints not only in Russia but throughout the world. Speedy helper and intercessor warm, which also handle the prayer request for the safe exams.
  6. Patron Saint or patron of the person. For example, student Alex may request that his Holy patron Saint of Alexis the Man of God for help in difficult trials. And exams in the period of study is a severe test. You can also request support from any of the Saint, whose life and exploits are interesting to you.

All of these saints can and should pray before exams, to get rid of excessive stress and fear. Will you go to the Church or not is your business. Bring a small conocco Holy and hide it in the inside pocket of his clothes. Successful completion of the tests!