To answer the prayer of everyone. It doesn't matter where you pray in Church or before the icon, standing in the house. The main thing is to start and finish the prayer. First and foremost, going to the icon, try to focus completely on prayer, leaving aside domestic concerns. To them you'll be back later.
Start reading prayers, spiritual adjust yourself and trust that the Holy can hear you. Herewith, it is necessary to pray not the icon itself, and the image of a Saint depicted on it.
If you do not know the words of prayer, to read prayer can in your own words. But in critical cases requiring special diligence, the prayer, the prayer should be prepared, learn it by heart. To read the prayer need from a pure heart, then the result of your conversion to God is not long to wait.
Before you begin to pray at the icon, you should come clean. To do this, before you start to read the prayer or the day before, forgive everyone with whom you have at the moment are not the best way.
Going to the icon, ocenite cross banner. Fold creepersin right hand, and lay it on the forehead, belly, right and left shoulder. Once you put yourself on the sign of the cross, bend. The sign of the cross made with faith, is able to frighten demons and to comfort the sinful passions, attracting divine grace.
Say "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit", then start your prayer. After reading the prayer to the Saint before whose icon stand, go to the end of the petition. To do this, say: "glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages". Will ocenite the sign of the cross three times, reciting the "Lord, have mercy", and "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, prayers for the sake of Thy most pure Matera, Reverend and God-bearing fathers and all the saints, have mercy on us. Amen."
Again ocenite itself a sign, and then say: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost." Now you can turn to the Saint with his request. You can ask about everything and everyone. Most importantly, your appeal to the Holy one must come from the heart. Once you Express all your problems, say "Amen" and ocenite the sign of the cross.
After the thanksgiving, don't forget to kiss the icon. Thus you Express your reverence to the Saint, to which you have applied. In addition, a kiss symbolizes faith in this Saint. If you prayed before the icon, on which the Saint is depicted full-length, kiss the hands or feet. On the Holy face that says only the face, kiss my hair. And the icon of the Mother of God touch the lip to the shoulder, which depicts a star.