How to pray by the icon of all saints

In Russian Orthodoxy the saints are the real person who at one time was revered by ordinary people and performed miracles. They were a kind of assistants of Jesus, passed on their knowledge about him and his works by word of mouth. It is considered that the Holy can be accessed on a particular issue that worries you. There is an icon "All saints" located in Narva resurrection Cathedral.

The specificity of the image and origin of the name

The word "icon" means "image", that is mirroring reality in any form. The name of the icon "All saints" taken from the rite of baptism. When such a sacrament, each Christian is assigned a celestial protector, which protects him from hardships throughout life. The patron of the appeal in any difficult situation. The name "All saints" says that the icon represents all human defenders, that is a universal image. If you decide to apply for all the saints, then choose that is the icon.

Image of the icon "All saints" can be found in different variants. Some of the oldest images refer to 5-7 centuries. Such icons were painted in Greece, on the island of Athos. Located at the top of the icon of the most Holy Trinity, in the centre is the Father, right is the Son, the Spirit above the Father and Son. Sometimes the Spirit is represented in the icon in the form of a dove. Next is a row of figures AT the head of the Mother of God (our Lady the mother of God) and Baptist John. Also the icon depicts John the Baptist and images of other saints.

Preparation for prayer

Prayer is a very serious and important ritual. Bring your thoughts, eliminate negative emotions from your heart, clear consciousness. You cannot pray in a state of alcoholic intoxication or aggression. Simulate in the mind what you want to ask your defenders. The request must be serious and vital. When you have the right attitude, get on your knees before the icon. Aloud or in a whisper, speak with sincerity in prayer, devoting all the powers of the soul. If you are unable to create the text of the prayer, you can learn widespread among Christians praying to All the saints.

"Holy God, Holy in Holy paceway, the thrice-Holy voice in heaven from the angel sing, to the land from people in His saints we praise, Thy Holy Spirit Davy hemoglo grace according to the measure of the giving of Christ, and that postively Your Church Holier than ovy apostles, prophets, ovy, ovy the evangelists, ovy pastors and teachers, ihzhe a sermon, You Yourself are prevailing all in all, it harbored many oversesas, Holy in lamido gender and race, blagodetel of blagopoluchie You, and to You, the image of the good deeds of their Octavius in the joy of prishedshie, ready, it yourself iskushenie things were made, and we napusteni pomagati. Still and all saints (the Holy name) and remembering them pohvala godly life, You Samaga, they in effect, praise, and the hex blagotvoreniya Your talents byti believing diligently pray Thee, the Saints of the saints, grant me, a sinner posledovali of their teaching, the life, love, faith, patience, and prayer by, pace as sagastume Thy grace, heavenly with them sodomitica glory, praising Your most Holy name, of the Father and the Son and the Holy spirit forever. Amen."

After the prayer, you have a feeling of lightness of mind. Some people cry when they pray to feel some sort of catharsis and spiritual cleansing.