Icon Of Jesus Christ. After death, the soul committed to his Father. Only now, burdened with the sins, gets to him, not always. Prayers to the Lord to beg him to have mercy on the departed sinner. We need to remember - the innocent does not happen. Even if the life of no one bad the dead didn't notice, then certainly no one knew his thoughts and secret deeds. Icon of Jesus Christ is the main decoration for any red corner. She's the first who should pray for the deceased, to read the Psalter, the hymn "in God all are alive."
The icon of the blessed virgin Mary - the second optional decoration icon shelf. Jesus Christ, as the Son, listens to the requests and pleas of his mother. Actually, not only his, but of all mankind, which he handed to her maternal care. Read the akathist for novopaschenny, pray for pardon in the heavenly Kingdom is possible and necessary before the icon of the Mother of God. Icons of the virgin Mary quite a lot, and something special in this case is not here. However, especially for the dead pray before the "Surety of sinners", "the Quick to hearken".
The Icon Of The Archangel Michael. In the Orthodox Church - Archangel bodiless, i.e. the head of the Holy host of Angels and Archangels. Archangel Michael has a special mission, being the main fighter against the devil and human wickedness. The memory of the Archangel is celebrated on November 21. It is very important to pray for the dead in the night from 20 to 21 November. Through the fervent prayers at this time Michael lowers his wing to hell, and many holding it saved. Can be read as the akathist to the Archangel and prayer to him.
The icon of the Holy or the Saint, whose name was worn by the deceased. Not always the secular name which a person wears in everyday life and writing in the passport, is the name given to him at baptism. Ideally, to name the baby need a name specified in the calendar the day he was born. But moms and dads these names are not always to their liking, and they have chosen may not appear in the calendar. To baptize is the same only the name in the Orthodox Church exists. Hence, there is a difference between names and the world names in the Church. So be sure to know what name people were baptized special attention here will be rewarded with Stasika and Slavik. Stas may be as Stanislav, and Anastas, and the Fame and all - Vyacheslav, Svyatoslav, etc., Holy, the name of which was worn by the deceased - a special advocate for him before the Lord.