Pray for traveling can people tourists and travelers themselves. First, you need to turn to prayer for help in the journey to God. In Orthodox prayer books is the prayer called "the Prayer of travelling". Those who have no prayer, can turn to God in your own words, asking for blessings on the journey.

In the Orthodox Church there is a prayer of the traveller. He is called that. In any Orthodox Church you can enjoy the remembrance of those people who are going on a journey. In the prayer of the petitions the priest seeks God's help to travelers, asking the Lord to send a guardian angel to people going in a way.

There are special prayers before the icons of the Mother of God "quick to hearken" and "Iver". The blessed virgin Mary is the main patroness for the people. So who wants to go can talking to the virgin Mary.

Of the saints who have a special grace to help them in the journey, stands the Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. You can read the prayer to St. Nicholas and to buy him a prayer service in the Orthodox Church.

In addition, those wishing to go you can pray to your guardian angel, who helps people during their earthly life in all needs.