Sincere prayer is not only strengthens the internal forces of the patient, allows him to feel the support of loved ones, sometimes it is faith that allows man to survive and even recover when all forecasts are not promising.
Very often, when faced with trouble or sickness, we wonder - whom to pray for help. It is important to understand that in the Orthodox Church all prayer is addressed to God. Recourse to saints and Mother of God, we ask their prayers for us before the Lord. In other words, the help we are waiting for from God, the saints to support our prayers, strengthen and reinforce them. However, traditionally when certain diseases are more likely to seek the intercession of particular saints. The reason lies in the history of their earthly life, but also in the history of healing associated with their intercession and help.
About health and healing and their loved ones made contact with prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ, and before the icons of the Holy virgin "joy of All who sorrow" and "the Healer". One of the most revered saints-healers is Saint Panteleimon. He was a doctor in his secular life, by being baptized and believing in Christ he has dedicated his life to selfless healing of those who suffer. After his death, the faithful continue to turn to him for help.
In diseases of the eye and blurred vision it is customary to pray in front of the "Kazan" icon of the blessed virgin. The history of the discovery of this icon began with the healing of two blind men. Also with the request to restore the eyesight often turn to the Holy longino Centurion. Longinus was one of the officers serving at Calvary at the foot of the crucifixion of the cross. He believed in Christ, recognized his divine nature. According to legend, Longinus was the officer who pierced the rib of the Saviour with a spear and a trickle of blood found healing patients eyes.
Very often for help to the Holy patrons of the appeal of a married couple who cannot have children. Prayer for the gift of children turn to the Holy Joachim and Anna, the righteous parents of the virgin Mary. They for years could not have children and only after long and fervent prayers have received the glad tidings of the forthcoming birth of the child. With the same trouble endless stream of believers is directed to the relics of Matrona of Moscow, where finds consolation, support and very often long-awaited glad tidings of the forthcoming birth of the baby.
And yet when you call for help and intercession to the saints is the most important thing is not what this icon you ask for help, the main thing - to appeal with sincere faith and hope for healing.