Choosing a Chinese scooter, you need to find out which company manufactured it. The manufacturer should not work the first day, to offer the customer a broad range and have an official representative in Russia. Only in this case there is confidence that the disadvantages of a scooter in the process of operation will be timely eliminated and will not be interruption in supply of spare parts.
Chinese manufacturers produce scooters under license by Japanese firms on scooters, engines and transmissions. The majority of Chinese scooters are analogues of good Japanese models. These products are pretty hard to mess up. Owner reviews Chinese scooters are not always entirely negative. Still, the failure rate mainly depends on the attitude of the owner of the scooter than from the manufacturer.
In connection with toughening of control over emissions and noise, in Russia are basically scooters with 4-stroke engine. For this engine, it is easier to obtain a certificate of conformity and the approval of the countries of Europe. 4-stroke engine, the filling process fuel, its compression, ignition, expansion stroke and exhaust emissions occurs over four beats. 4-stroke engine due to the more complex devices the fuel consumption is less than a 2-stroke engine. Modern engines fitted to Chinese scooters provides good traction and steady set speed.
In Russia are scooters from several manufacturers. One of the most popular brands include scooters from the following brands: HP, Honling, Keeway.
Under the Irbis trademark produced a very popular model - rounders. Such scooters are designed for use in city and in country conditions. To this kind belongs a Chinese scooter Irbis FR. Externally this model looks quite simple, with the classic contours of the body and a round muffler. The style of the scooter give 12-inch wheels and the original dashboard. Scooter Irbis FR belongs to medium-sized scooters. Engine 4-stroke, engine size 50 CC Max speed of the scooter at 60 km per hour.
Also for universal scooter include the model produced by the firm Honling. Honling scooter Pharaon 50 refers to a full size double scooter with 12-inch wheels and an enlarged splash shield. The driver of this scooter will be to feel comfortable both on the paved road and on the dirt. Engine 4-stroke, engine displacement is 50 CC top speed up to 60 km per hour.
One of the most popular models of scooters company Keeway - scooter Matrix. This model features excellent driving characteristics and a rich equipment. Scooter Matrix with a 12-inch alloy wheels, disc front brake and alarm system with remote engine start. Engine 4-stroke, engine displacement is 50 CC