You will need
  • Scooter and acquired sets of tuning.
After completion of the running scooter can remove the limiters of the maximum speed. Without it, the speed will increase to 80-90 km/h. It is the most affordable way to increase the maximum speed.
Options inexpensive tuning kuterevo first, change the muffler scooter tuning resonant pipe suitable for cylinder-porshneva scooter group (tspg) or on the muffler with the "torque" issue. For the first option will suit pipe Laser X, ZX LeoVince, Technigas Next. For the second – Polini No Smoke, LeoVince SP3/Turing, Technigas Silent Pro. In combination with the setting of the transmission in accordance with the parameters of the new exhaust, this will give an increase of 10-15 km/hour.Second, change the carb on the carb with a cone diameter of 17.5 mm as the optimum and convenient to set up. The best quality produces DellOrto carburetors.Thirdly, the replacement of the CVT on the sport. This variable allows you to accurately and efficiently configure the transmission for the new engine characteristics.The most effective way to raise the power and speed of a scooter – sports Chu the increased volume. In addition, for the two-stroke engine increases not only the volume of the cylinder, but also improves the purging process, i.e. it keeps adding more power and speed. The set comes also and cylinder head with optimized combustion chamber. When you install this kit it is very important that the crankshaft and bearings were perfect condition. Otherwise the increased load on these parts will quickly destroy them.
The next stage of tuning scooter – racing. It is costly, resulting in easier to buy a faster scooter than to tune.First, installed reinforced crankshaft with matching bearings and a reinforced rod. Only such parts of the engine will withstand shock loads, will help to realize high power, ensure stable and reliable operation of the engine.A high rpm racing engine (up to 10,000 Rev/min) require appropriate reliability of nodes, which is not able to provide factory parts. The diameter of the carburettor must be at least 17.5 mm, to provide power racing engine. Carb setting should provide good mixing at high speed. The best option – carburetor 19 mm in combination with a sports air filter.Other racing tuning procedure is repeated as described in claim 2, all the components are more qualitative and productive. For example, it is recommended to install variator Polini Evo or Malossi OverRange.Racing scooter have high dynamics and maximum speeds (far beyond 100 km/hour) and is able to satisfy many fans of high speeds.
Peak boost tuning Hi End. It allows you to shoot up to 3 HP for every 10 CC of engine displacement. Manufacturers of kits for the tuning of this level Malossi, Polini, Kunda, 2Fast, Fabrizi, MetraKit. Elite components and prices are appropriate.Engine this level develops up to 20,000 Rev/min About the efficiency of the question: the engine is tuned most effectively to work out for two 15 minute race session and a few training hours. Then the engine requires revision with replacement of worn parts. Installation tuning sets requires a major rework of the engine and the chassis of the scooter. Can not do without a rotary ignition, it allows not to lose the power of the spark at high revs. Installing this feature will require you to abandon the entire electrical scooter, not related to the ignition system. The ratio of the reducer is determined experimentally.Such scooters can go the distance of 400 m over 12-14 seconds to start. Resource rings is 1500-4000 km when used for everyday driving. Use only 98 octane gasoline, with the highest quality and not one that they sell at gas stations. Oil is poured only very expensive.