You will need
  • - aftermarket mufflers, kits and other Chu
Remove the limiter. The constraints on design are different digital (limit the speed), mechanical (limit gear ratio in the CVT) and the limiters on inlet and outlet (to limit the filling of the cylinder mixture). Of course, there are also combination methods. Electronic limiter hard wired into the switch of the ignition system, and removing it is impossible. One way out – to buy and install a switch with an adjustable Rev limiter or no restrictions. The first type of switch is preferable, since it protects the motor from damage by excessive promotion.
Replace the muffler on a scooter. Standard factory mufflers from a semi-sports scooter (Suzuki Sepia ZZ or Honda Dio ZX) will provide a small increase in engine power without increasing the optimal speed, improve filling of the cylinder with the mixture, it will put torque characteristic of the motor. Aftermarket silencers (e.g., LeoVinci SP3) will provide up to 20% capacity increase, will increase the optimum engine speed. The use of such tubes involves tuning the variator: install it with lighter weights and a stiffer return spring.
Sport mufflers (LeoVinci ZX) provide an increase of up to 50% of capacity, significantly increase engine speed and require not only tuning of the CVT, but harsher recoil spring centrifugal clutch. Or replacement of the variator and the clutch on the sport models. Thus, the removal of restrictions and the replacement of the silencer is able to raise the speed to 80-90 km/h and to improve the driving dynamics.
To further increase the power gain tuning kit for the engine. Renowned firms like Malossi, Polini, DR, Eurocilindro produce for 50 CC scooters kits piston with increased volume. The kit consists of cylinder, piston with rings and a finger, and a new cylinder head. The installation of the kit allows you to raise the engine size to the standard values of 70 and 85 CC with a simultaneous increase in power at nominal or high speed. The most preferred cylinders with coating was nikasil withstand high rpm, providing more power and torque than steel and significantly more durable.
To prepare the scooter for a competition install tuning kit piston racing class (e.g. Polini Corsa Kit). Engine power will grow incredibly but will make it unsuitable for everyday use due to moodiness and increased demands for frequent and expensive maintenance. For example, the standard piston rings need to be replaced after 10 thousand kilometers, and the Polini Corsa cylinder Kit every 2-3 thousand.
Install the rear gear. Because of the design features of the 50 CC scooters a significant increase in engine power does not lead by itself to increase the maximum speed without change gear ratios. Therefore, the tuning motor must always be accompanied by the purchase of aftermarket kit for the rear gear (e.g., Gear-Kit). When using the kit Gear-Kit and aftermarket cylinder 85 CC standard scooter is able to develop up to 110-120 km/hour. When using the racing kits even more.
Do some tuning of the carb. 50waste water scooters are usually installed the carbs with 12-mm or 14-mm diffuser. After you install tuning kits to the engine, replace the carb sport (for example, Dell'orto) with a cone diameter 17 or 18 mm. racing cylinders required carburetor size 22 mm. As a rule, the replacement carb was escorted to the replacement of the surrounding installation components and installation of filter increased performance (zero resistance)