Before gyno

Before gyno should not wash away the external genitals with a special soap for intimate hygiene. This will complicate the inspection. If you still feel the need to freshen up, take a light shower. Wash Breasts and armpits.

Take a cotton socks and a diaper. In some medical institutions provides for the presence of disposable diapers in the gynecologist's office, but its diaper will not be superfluous. Socks need to you are spanked from the screen to the gynecological chair barefoot.

During the appointment, the gynecologist will ask you a few questions regarding the date of the last menstrual period, the frequency of your sexual intercourse and the presence of complaints. Don't be afraid to complain! The gynecologist is obliged to help and not to criticize for the wrong the sexual life and attitude to their health.

The first thing that draws the attention of the gynecologist during your appointment, it is the state of the mammary glands

The breast exam

The gynecologist will ask you to raise hands and palpate each breast in a clockwise direction. Also push on the nipples. It is necessary to check for the presence of tumors and various breast diseases. Ideally, when probing should not feel any lumps, but when pressing on the nipples should not be any discharge. A small discharge from the nipple can be the case if you have recently finished breastfeeding. These precipitates should not be afraid, they are absolutely normal.

After the exam, you will be asked to lie down on the couch. The gynecologist will examine your abdomen and press on it. If you feel any pain or sharp discomfort, should immediately to say about it.

Next you will be asked to pass the examination table.

Gynecological chair

By using palpation (probing fingers) and special instruments, the gynecologist will examine your external and internal genital organs. This procedure can be a little unpleasant and painful. In order to avoid unpleasant sensations should completely relax. If you want to use the toilet, apologize and atrocities to go, as a full bladder or bowel - the main reasons of discomfort.

Special wand gynecologist will take your analysis on the microflora of the vagina (a swab). The results of the stroke you can usually tell after a week. In addition to the wand in the Toolbox there is a gynecologist colposcope. This procedure is called colposcopy

Study colposcope

Colposcopy necessary for the examination of vagina, cervix, and vaginal walls. The colposcope is a kind of mirror tube with magnifying and lighting devices. Do not be afraid of this procedure! It is virtually painless.

Depending on the results of smears and colposcopy, the gynecologist will prescribe advice and treatment.

Feel free to go on reception to the gynecologist. Be healthy!