Car-Suite on Russian Railways appeared not so long ago. To him, the most prestigious was considered SV – compartment car, designed for 16-18 berths, each of which is a double Deluxe. But they are very inferior in all respects to modern luxury cars.
How to buy a ticket in a luxury car?

A novice traveler who wants to spend time on the road as comfortable as possible, you should know that the SV coupé is also in the category Suite. So unknowingly you can purchase a ticket on him. In order to avoid mistakes, you need to order the soft car, which must be confirmed on the ticket with the letter "M". Otherwise, the Suite will be, but the level of SV.
Looks like a luxury car?

Cars of the increased comfort (luxury) is different: designed for 4 coupe and a bar on 5 and 6 coupe. They are included in the corporate, tourist trains and as escorts for the wagons-salons. Every luxury coupe is in two beds, each of which is a sofa bed width 120 cm is Present and one flip top shelf with a width of 85 cm each compartment has a spacious wardrobe for clothes, a table-transformer, the corner easy chair.
Comfort, with modern audio-video system, TV LCD TV, access to the Internet (Wi-Fi), air conditioner, capable of cooling the air in the room and heat it. The system of ventilation and air conditioning for each individual compartment, so it is easy to obtain the desired temperature.
The carriage Suite is equipped with pressure hot and cold water. It is allowed to place in each compartment shower room. The toilet is equipped with washstand table, and a vacuum lavatory. The interior of luxury cars is made using precious wood and artificial stone. The decoration used only high quality materials. The design of the car and coupe presentable, creating a feeling of high style and at the same time almost comfort.
The luxury car is equipped by security and information service systems. The latter provides passenger information, business and entertainment, allows you to order in the restaurant with food delivery to your compartment. With the help of information service you can order a taxi or hotel at the station of arrival. In accordance with the wishes of the passenger details and the technical equipment of the car can be changed.