Young sports people usually climb on the top shelf of the train fast enough. But if your weight is above normal, your legs ache, fear for your joints, ask the conductor to give you a reference ladder especially for lifting on the top shelf coupe.
In some cars, in a compartment provided by a retractable or folding stairs (nominated from above or near the door of the compartment, the side on both sides). Ask about the availability of such a device the conductor of your car. The stairs a snap. Holding on to it, you cross at your top site and placed as you wish.
If you can pull yourself up, place hands on the upper shelf of the car. Feet push down on the lower shelves and, reaching to the top shelf of the opposite leg, move to his place upstairs. This method is suitable for people of a sports Constitution. Those who doubt the strength of his arms, up to the top shelf, pushing the legs of the table in the compartment.
A second-class carriage near each top shelf is support with the "sole", which you need to build one leg. The second knee to put on the top shelf, a hand stick for the handrail at the top, to pull up a body. Perhaps this is a way of climbing to its top, the place you feel most comfortable.
On the top shelf is not recommended to buy tickets to pregnant women, children, the disabled, very elderly people and those who are afraid of heights. Possibly originally buy tickets at the box office on the bottom shelf, if belong to the following categories of people. Some tourists buy remaining tickets on the upper shelves, hoping that they will be asked to move up those who bought a ticket downstairs. But with you in the reserved seat coupe or may be people with the same problems that you have, and they will not be able to give you a place. Take into consideration such possible situation, buying a train ticket.