Compartment car belongs to the second class usually consists of 9 (rarely 10) coupe, each of which can accommodate four passengers. Coupe located in one line, have connecting walls. From the side of the aisle they're separated by a remote partition. All compartments have access to a shared passageway. Depending on model year, cars are divided into soft (in the ticket marked with the letter "M") and hard ("K"). The main difference is in the upholstery of beds. Gradually the cars with stiff shelves are fading, giving way to more convenient.
In the compartment there are four sleeping places: two lower and spread over them the top two. Lower seats in all carriages are an odd number of them also equipped with a Luggage compartment. Opposite the entrance is a window and window sill mounted folding table. There is still a niche for Luggage, located above the passage. Due to the lack of side shelves (as in the reserved seat) berths in a compartment is longer because the total width of the car remains unchanged. Coupe is equipped with a modern air conditioning system, as well as the back along the bottom of the seats.
At the head of each shelf has individual lamp, designed to cover only one bed. In addition, there are General light that is adjustable is located at the entrance switch. Under the table you'll find the battery and if the car is not too old a branch, used as urn. There are sockets in 220, but, unfortunately, they almost always don't work. The compartment wall is equipped with a small shelves, hooks for clothing and towels.
The biggest advantage of a coupe is that it is separated from the side passage a door mounted on the guide rails and sliding in the side. This door is locked, providing peace of mind and the safety of passengers inside and their belongings. The door is mounted quite large mirror that gives the chance a little bit to freshen up during the trip. For convenience, sleep in a compartment used regular cotton mattresses, feather pillows and wool blankets. Bed linen is provided individually to each.
Recently, in connection with the execution of the program on elimination of social inequality, in compartment cars increased the number of compartments up to 10 or 11. Side passage beside them, inputs in the compartment and the distance between the shelves is much more, and sleeps only two. These compartments are designed for wheelchair users and persons accompanying them.