You will need
  • Ticket, Internet
Specify the number of your place. You can find him on the ticket in the third row. If you have submitted the electronic registration and a ticket you no, then go to the Railways website and enter your username and password. Select "Purchase ticket" and then "My orders". You will see a history of your orders. Select the train and click on the "order Form". In it you can specify not only the number, but the time of departure/arrival, train number and carriage.
Identify the type of wagon in which to ride. The most popular cars SV, compartment, reserved seat and sedentary. They differ in the number of places and, therefore, the numbering. For example, in cars SV only 19 seats and in compartment - 36. Second-class carriage involves 54 seats, of which 18 are lateral. In the sitting trains the number of seats varies from 43 to 64 depending on the class of service.
Remember that the numbering in reserved seat and compartment cars starts from the compartment of the conductor. It should also be noted that all the even numbers correspond to the upper shelves, and even lower.
The number of seats in a compartment correspond to the numbers of seats in the compartment parts of the second-class carriage. Ie each compartment number is increased from 1 to 36. Side seats are, on the contrary, decreasing from the location of the conductor. It turns out that the opposite part of the compartment with places 1-4 are side seats at numbers 54 and 53.
Numbering in the Luxury car (or SV) also extends from the compartment of the conductor. Buying tickets in this car, keep in mind that the top shelf here. Each compartment of 2 seats. If you wish to drive separately, you may have a spot at number 19. The SV cars are considered the most comfortable.
Seat numbers written over the seats of both the lower and upper shelves. If you are dealing with a sedentary car, the designations can be found either on the back in front of you seat or above it on a shelf for bags. In the greater part of the seats wagons even-numbered seats are by the Windows, and even near the aisle. When choosing a place, consider whether you are ready to constantly miss his companion or, on the contrary, I prefer to sit without worrying by the window.