Of course, the flights to St. Petersburg will take you much less time than traveling by train. However, not everyone can afford to pay a certain amount for the ticket airlines. Depending on the point of departure the ticket price may exceed 10 000 rubles.

A train ticket to St. Petersburg will cost you much cheaper, especially if you agree to go to a second-class carriage. Second-class seat is usually about half the price of the compartment, but, of course, inferior to the coupe in terms of comfort.

To find out how much a railway ticket to St. Petersburg , you must visit the official website of Russian Railways. Enter into your browser address rzd.ru. In the left of the home page you will see the section "the Schedule, availability of seats, ticket purchase". In the line "Where" you must enter the point of shipment, and in the line "Where" email "Saint-Petersburg". In the third field you need to specify the exact date of dispatch. Fill in all three fields, press the "Find" button.

For example, you need to know the cost of tickets on the route "Moscow - Saint-Petersburg". After clicking "Search", the system will offer you a list of all the options on the direct route. For example, going from Moscow in Northern capital, you can choose one of 22 trains. On the results page, you can find all the necessary information: train number, time of dispatch to arrival time, availability, and prices. For example, on a direct train "Moscow - Saint-Petersburg you can buy tickets four types of Seating, reserved seat, coupe or Suite. The cheapest seats are sedentary. They will cost you only 621 ruble. Almost two times more expensive seats in second-class kupe - 1120 rubles. 2290 roubles you will have to pay for a comfortable bed together and 5319 for a place in the Suite.

Having defined the train and the place you can either book and pay online, or write the necessary information and go for a ticket at the station.