In the old days, people tried not to tell anyone the content of their dreams, fearing the evil eye and someone else's bad faith. And now this fear is inherent in many people who are interested in the question of who to tell about my dream, and whether to do it at all.

What are dreams

Dreams are sometimes referred to as a kind of inside-out human souls, they have many symbols and may have a special value that should not be exposed in front of a stranger. Revealing the secret before the people, whose aspirations are vague, the person becomes more vulnerable.

If you had a undesirable sleep, it is recommended to turn on the faucet and running water saying these words: "Where the night there and sleep." It is important that the water is flowing and not contained in the pelvis, for example. The implication is, therefore, to rinse the residue left by the dream in our minds.

Dreams can be good or bad, coloured or black and white, but different dreams are different. Some of them are when waking simply forgotten, while others left a trace in our memory.

Who can tell the dreams

People often wonder whether you can tell someone your dream. It is believed that a dream event has left a negative residue, it is necessary to speak aloud, and even better – to tell someone. Poor sleep is necessary to "pronounce" that he had no unpleasant consequences. And about good dreams almost all think alike – you cannot tell them to anyone, to avoid the evil eye.

Psychologists answer this question is ambiguous. In their opinion, the great value has the contents of the dream. If the dream really wants to tell, better to share with someone who absolutely does not wish you harm. Interpretation of dream can always be used against you.

Unfamiliar people to tell their own dreams, certainly not worth it. Dream events, the paintings reflect the emotional state of a person and make of him a sufficiently detailed conclusions. The information obtained can be used by unauthorized people to obtain benefits. In addition, a stranger, who told a disturbing dream, can emotionally react to it in such a way that it will bring misfortune talkative dreamer.

The interpreters of dreams in response to these questions usually suggest a quiet voice to tell his dream to any of the elements, e.g., wind or running water. Elements completely indifferent to the information contained in our dreams – they'll just put the words together with their emotional content, and vigoureuses man attains the desired devastation.