You will need
  • the layout of the seats in the car;
  • - the money for the tickets;
  • - Bank card;
  • - the passport.
To go alone, you need to buy all the seats in the compartment. There may be 2, 3 or 4, depending on class. The second option is found on the Russian Railways are rare, but you can still be in this car. That is the car, you can visit the cashier. At the cashier you have to ask, are there any vacant compartment.
Tell the cashier that you would like to buy all the seats. To do this, just your passport, all tickets can be issued in your name. In any case, the conductors can't get on these sites without your consent. This is true even if you Board at an intermediate station. To the station in the coupe can go someone else, but when you enter – the other passengers will have to leave the room.
The easiest way to buy a coupe through the Internet. Sign up on the website of Russian Railways. Find it in the schedule right train. Select the type of car and view its diagram. Specify which sites you need. It is very easy to do, the diagram shows everything clearly, including the separation compartment.
Then begins the usual procedure. It is not much different from buying tickets for several people. Specify yourself as a "passenger No. 1". Enter a surname, a name, a patronymic, passport data. Then in the field for the second, third and fourth passengers enter the same data. In short, just imagine that you are traveling with three other passengers, but in Windows, then enter your data. Pay for the ticket by credit card.
On the website you can go through the procedure of electronic registration. Then you won't have to issue tickets at the station. However, this is no problem – many stations don't even have to go to the cashier, you can go to the terminal and in just a few seconds to obtain all necessary travel documents.
If you have completed the electronic registration, go to your car to top landing. The conductor should already be a list of passengers. Explain that you bought all the seats in the compartment and other passengers you will not.