How to buy a ticket on the train "Lastochka" in railway ticket offices

Despite the fact that "Swallow" technically refers not to the trains and to the trains, the tickets are sold according to the same rules as for trains. Therefore, for the registration of tickets for "Swallow" it is necessary to contact the railway ticket office, selling tickets for trains of distant following.

Ticket sales for "Swallow" is displayed 45 days prior to date of trip, travel documents you need a passport or birth certificate of the child.

When purchasing tickets you will have the opportunity to choose the car and seat. The seats in the train "Lastochka" on the one side of the aisle are placed two in a row, with the other three. In the car there are seats facing each other, so if you are traveling with a company of 4-6 people, and are planning to communicate on the road – you can ask the cashier to pick you a suitable place.

Tickets for the Lastochka purchased at the railway ticket office, look as well as tickets for trains of distant following.

How to buy a ticket to "Swallow" online

To purchase electronic tickets on "Swallow" on the official website of Russian Railways. Online-buy tickets on the train takes place at In order to buy a ticket, you have to register on the website by filling in the fields with your personal and contact data. If you are already registered – log in under your username and password.

In the section of "Purchase tickets" enter to a form start and end point of your route and date of journey. The same as at the box office, tickets for the Lastochka go on sale here for 45 days before train departure. Once the data is entered, press the "buy" button. You will find a list of all the trains on this day on this route, including high-speed trains "Swallow".

Select the desired train and click on the checkout page of the train ticket. First you need to choose the car. When choosing a car to "Swallow" it is possible to consider that the toilets are located in 1 and 5 wagons (in paired squads – 6 and 10), in these cars there are spaces for wheelchair users. The level of comfort of traveling in such cars is slightly lower, but if the proximity of the toilet is important to you – choose them. It is also necessary to consider that at the intermediate stations called "the Swallow" opens not all door entry and exit is only possible from the even-numbered cars.

Once the car is selected, you will have the opportunity to choose their own seats, following the diagram of the car, which will show free and busy seats.

After the place is selected, you will proceed to enter information about the passengers personal and passport data verification and validation the data entered. After you have confirmed the entered data, no changes in order to enter anymore.

Pay for a ticket to "Swallow" online using Bank cards Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard.

When you order tickets to "Swallow" through the site, passengers pass the electronic registration. After payment you can download the itinerary with the bar code. For planting in high-speed train you will need to show the conductor the ticket, printed out or saved on your mobile device.

How to buy a ticket to "Swallow" cheaper

Trains "Swallow" in addition to the standard seats also have folding seats. In cars without toilets four of them, they are located near the entrances. In cars with "amenities" – nine, seven of which are located in a row directly in front of the toilet. On the car scheme these places are marked in a lighter color.

The prices of such designated about 40% lower than regular tickets for "Swallow", however, sit on them much less convenient, and on the ground overlooking the entrance to the toilet and turn into it – and even unpleasant.

Nevertheless, many prefer to save on the cost of travel and choose exactly these place – tickets to "Swallow" at minimal prices (especially aisle seats) sold out fairly quickly.