You will need
  • computer;
  • files that you want to select.
Working on the computer, users often have to copy and move various files from one folder to another. And here will help more Windows functions that allow you to simultaneously select and drag from place to place several files. To use these options with the mouse or keyboard keys.
To begin, open the folder from which you want to copy, move or delete files. Then, clicking on each document in turn, produce with them the necessary actions. For operations with multiple files, click on the keyboard button Ctrl and select those that need to be processed.
If the file you want to delete (move / copy) are in order, you can click on an empty space in the folder and then will need to "pull" the mouse, creating around files a kind of frame, which would have seized all the documents at once. Selecting them, you will be able to carry with them any necessary action.
All EN Suite, located along the files, are also highlighted when using the keyboard. To do this, press Ctrl and select the first document. Then quickly press the Shift key and select the last, designed to highlight the file. This way you will select multiple files. Then click the right mouse button and select the desired option.
When copying, you can also simply drag your mouse all of the selected documents to a folder or to your desktop. While the original source folder of the hard disk, removable media, the reader does not play a special role in this. The files on them are the same way. However, with a DVD or CD can only copy documents. Remove them from the documents is unlikely. As for the record, this is only possible in some cases.