Arriving at the Church or temple, ask the employee to give you a blank "About health." If this Blanca is not, on a plain piece of paper draw the upstairs eight-pointed Orthodox cross below, write the title "About health." To write in one note can be up to 10 names of friends and relatives. If you have the desire to mention in the note by more people, write their names on the two forms. Each row is written one name.
How to write names in the note should be as follows. If you are going to mention the cleric, then write it first name Sana, who should go first Ministers of the highest dignity, the monks. Only then fit the names of the simple Orthodox people - your family, people you know. Also first mentioned adult men, them women, after the young men, damsels, damsel's and babies (first male, then female). All these people should be baptized.
Enter the full names of the people that indicate in a note in the genitive ("Irene", "Nicholas", and so on). Turn in a note before the names of the following designations:
- children under seven years old – the word "baby" or the abbreviation "ml.";
- children from seven till 14 years – the word "child" or "neg.";
- sick people – the word "sick";
- those who are in transit at this time, the word "traveling";
- those in areas of hostilities or military – the word "warrior."
Post a note prepared servants of the Church, pay for it if it's required in the temple. Buy some Church candles. Lighting them about icons of saints, you pray for the health of the people mentioned in the note.