Go to Church and find a Minister who is engaged in receiving notes asking about the mention of prayer. Usually he can also buy candles. In some cases the Church may be a box where you should insert a note yourself. It will be an explanatory inscription. If you can't figure out where you need to submit notes, please contact one of the parishioners, which is currently not praying, or to the free priest.
Take this form, designed to write text. The top will be written the word "Prayer", and below you will need to write your prayer requests.
Specify, for what reason need to mention your loved one in prayer. Most often pray "for the health" for living and "for the repose" of the dead. However, the wording could be more specific, for example "successful birth" for pregnant woman or "On keeping faith" for those who are obsessed with religious doubts.
If you want to prayer ascended to the Theotokos or a particular Saint, you should write his name. Such a possibility during the ascension of prayer exists.
Below, record the names of those you want to mention in this prayer. Names can be multiple, for example, in the card "On health" you can specify all your living family members and friends. For a more personal themes of the prayer service name can be one. This requires to specify only the names taken in baptism. The names and patronymics of people do not need.
Pass the form to the Minister of the Church involved in their collection. Pay the required donation amount. It may depend on the quantity of notes or the number of mentioned names. If you wish, you can specify the time of reading the prayer in order to attend.