Of course, the beginning of communication is not the most objective indicator, but if a man is really interested in a girl, be sure to call and make a date in the next couple of days, not a week. And after the meeting be sure to call soon and try to assign next.
The man who road, will endeavour to give you as much time as possible. He will definitely try to go somewhere with you this weekend, to spend the evening. Besides, the lover will want to frequently communicate with you by phone, the Internet. This, of course, does not mean that both of you will spend hours hanging on the phone day or night to be online. But if it is serious, he will call for certainly not once a month.
The man with serious intentions in relation to you will get acquainted with his parents and wants to meet yours. Of course, not every girl leads the man to acquaint with his parents will become his wife, but girlfriends, relations with which the man did not attach particular importance, he will hardly rush to introduce his family. Of course, life is different, often this meeting takes place a month before the wedding and sometimes after it.
But the acquaintance with friends - a fact disputed. On the one hand, if the man is seriously Dating a woman, not hide it in their environment. On the other hand, may be, from time to time he doesn't want other people to interfere in your relationship. But if introduced - not the fact that he doesn't have a pair of three girlfriends, whom he also managed to show off to friends.
If a man is trying to ask how do you feel about children, it's probably for a reason. Optionally, it is committed to the birth of a child in the soonest possible time, however, children often want a still from your favorite. Yes, and with random friends, it makes no sense to talk about such serious things.
Man, seriously tuned, not drag you into bed on the first date, and quite possibly, will enjoy very Platonic intercourse a few months. However, if this stage is too long and loved does not show initiative - it is worth considering.
The man wouldn't be interested in other women. At least can't try with someone to meet, will not flirt on social networks or chasing your friends. And if he assures you that in a relationship no one owes anyone anything and everyone is free, most likely, it is about the freedom of communication.
Even more you can understand, if you have the opportunity to live with him. Of course, often the young only after the wedding moving into a sublet, and even living with parents. But, first, if a man is serious designs on you does not build, it is unlikely he will offer you to move in. Second, you will be able to talk with him, to see a more real person than on Dating.