Common sense should show more to the situation, when you want to escape. For example, the eyes men during Dating can tell you a lot. A good lover look interested and attentive. The woman feels that she can really see and listen. Hasty lovers look at a woman automatically on the TV screen. Sickly gaze, most likely, characteristic of men with low potency.
Not a very good feature is the option when the man is too humbly listens to the woman, showing no apparent desire for sex, and obediently consents to the bed. Neither in life nor even in sex initiatives will obviously wait.
The closed posture of a man: arms and legs crossed, a scared reaction in any attempts to approach women also speak about a weak lover. Such closeness will go to bed, leaving no ounce of affection.
You should be careful in the situation, when after drinking in the restaurant, the man becomes attentive and active, although I was distinguished by reticence and shyness. Intake of alcohol becomes necessary every time a woman or man wants to have sex.
Even when it comes to bed, men can cause in the woman confusion among their requests. When a man tries by all means to persuade a woman in a pose rider, describing how good she is in this position, thus he clearly said that was too tired and did not want to do.
If a man hints that he still stand up, and he's afraid to Wake the woman, so send home does double interpretation. The man just doesn't want to Wake up next to a woman.
Question about erotic fantasies of women, as a rule, has a purpose to speak to man about his own desires. Although it may be that he just auditory, which start from talking about sex and the sex never brings. And it may be that the man is really interesting secret desires women. The main thing is to analyze the behavior of men and not to make premature conclusions, thereby losing the chance to meet with "the" lover.