Try to put yourself in his place before making any move. Imagine that you are him. This simple technique will save you from rash actions that can push a guy away from you. If something is not like you, he is also, most likely, will not bring you happiness. You should only consider that everyone has different tastes.
Talk to the guy. Ask if he likes what you do and how you do it. Try to figure out its relationship to specific your actions. Discuss all questions in a soft, unobtrusive way. Remember that you should not respond harshly to his words or take offense for no reason, otherwise, the conversation will come to a standstill, and the boy later lost the desire to talk, to prevent the recurrence of such reactions.
Listen to his words. Don't be selfish guy, it is important that listened to him. Listen to him very carefully and learn to draw conclusions, to understand what he wants. Listen to his point of view on different issues and in different situations, and try not to do what he does not like.
If the guy approved some your act and said he liked it – so it can be repeated. If silent or not approved – make correct conclusions and try not to repeat. If he does not Express clearly their views – it is better to specify to avoid misunderstandings. If in their daily activities to take into account these four simple rules, you can easily learn to understand what she wants in a guy.