The majority of men who apart from singing the praises on a first date, I want to meet with you once or twice, and then get to bed. You are just new, another trophy for his vast and varied collection.
When a guy is serious, he won't rush things, it is important just to be near you, to talk, to look in his eyes. And familiarity with the friends and parents will testify about his plans for your future together. A man in love will treat you graciously, to forgive small wrongs that might in another situation could lead to serious misunderstandings.
When a man is confident in your future together, he will no longer be ashamed and inferiority complex - will be able to scratch his belly or hug you after the morning run. In short, to do what you couldn't do in the first couple of months of your acquaintance. So men prepare for everyday life.
Be sure to pay attention to how your guy behaves with his mother. It is possible that with you he has another line of conduct, however, according to many psychologists, it will behave with you just as and spoke with his mother. Mother is the first woman with whom your young man began speaking as a member of the opposite sex. So you should pay close attention to this fact.
Familiarity with the kid's mother is a strong and important step in his life. And if the conversation with your parents and friends, he calls you a bride, he has big plans for you. Be sure to watch the relationship of his parents. If he approves the bond of family, the warm fellowship between father and mother, perhaps in the future will adopt the model of the relationship of their parents. If you notice that the guy already treats you as his father to his wife, then rest assured - he's a visionary and planning your future.
Just remember - should not be subjected to temptations on a first date, because men are different. Someone thinks sex on the first date than mandatory, and the failure will plunge him in shock, forced her to look at life differently; someone still believes in the purity and sincerity of a romantic relationship, considering themselves conservative.